Saturday, November 1, 2008


This lo was completed for the October Scrappack challenge where the host sends certain items and you must use to create the lo, using only paper, pictures, journaling, paint, ink, and chalk. No glitter or diamond glaze.
1. 1 yard of gold wire- all used to make the ting ting in the poinsettia flower and the garland. used a pencil to twist.
2. 8" guaze- all used to make the pine cones in the garland. I cut then dipped in brown paint and formed.
3. 4 fall leaves- painted red and placed together to make the poinsettia flower.
4. Natural raffia- all used to make the garland, i tied together and then painted green then shaped into garland shape.
5. 8x10 green corduroy -used to make title Christmas cuties and leaves for poinsettia and as ribbon in the two packages in left corner.
6. 4 wiggle eyes- painted yellow for the centers of the poinsettia flower.
7. 2 white pipe cleaners- used as large ting ting with poinsettia. curled on a glitter bottle.
8. brown paper lunch bag- used to make wrapping over two puzzle pieces to look like left corner.
9. vellum- used to make lace at bottom of pic, and to make the three poinsettia flowers on right side.
10. stick chalk- cut into pieces then sanded to make flower centers in tiny poinsettia vellum flowers. You know they look like altoids and I just kept thinking I would like!
11. 1 yard of twine- I dipped in white paint hung to dry then used to make flourish on right side.
12. 4 puzzle pieces- two were used as pop dots to pop the layers of the poinsettia flower to make in pop off, then the other two were wrapped inside the the brown paper bag to make the packages. The tags on the packages are my two boys names pic taken in 2006. TFL!!!!!


Ruth Philps said...

Oh my goodness this is so clever the amount of different and difficult things you had to work with, you did really well.

I couldn't have met that challenge thats for sure!!

Love the vintage look again xx

Lynn Biermann said...

Great layout! I love the way you made the poinsettas! So clever!

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