Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Trails

Description: This lo was completed for the February 2009 scrap pack challenge. The only things you can use to add to your lo are photos, paper, journaling, paint, ink, and chalk. Using only the items sent to you in the pack. The following items have been sent:
1. one silver heart charm-I used to make the lock on the journal painting a keyhole on the back to look like a lock.
2. one skein of ecru embroidery floss-I used to bind the back of the journal and on the bear claw necklace and on the buttons.
3. Fifteen assorted buttons-made into a half circle like a trail and then hand sewed to page w/embroidery floss.
4.Five pink confetti hearts-I cut in half and painted white to make a bear claw and then strung all ten pieces on the embroidery floss (the necklace was tea dyed).
5.One map page-cut to shape then balled up and tea dyed and inked..used for the map of the trails.
6. One manilla tabbed index divider- folded in half with the tab on(which gave the thickness) and inked and distressed to give it a leather look and then binded with embroidery floss using a book binders stitch.
7. One tea bag-first iI opened up the bag and removed some for the dirt under the covered wagon wheels and then used a tea ball and warmed water and then allowed to cool and soaked the ecru embroidery floss used for bear claw necklace and in the white button tie off.
8. Two shipping tags with wire-Used in the title of Happy Trails and the tabs in the journal for lift and the wire to make the name Cody on the journal.
9. One small binder clip-used to close journal and hang heart lock(with tiny paper key) and also hand bear claw necklace.
10. One piece of sandpaper-Used to make the cowboy boots and the horse shoe pair.
The pic is of my ds Cody.


Lynn said...

I love the different elements on this layout! And the picture is PRICELESS! Hugs, Lynn

Brenda said...

WOW I am amazed at how you used your sent items...really awesome!
I just love your layouts!

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