Saturday, May 16, 2009

Received an Award!!! ~I love these! ~ received this wonderful award from a very talented who always inspires me. Tammy at Tammy's Place she is always helpful and caring. Thank YOU Tammy!!
I am passing along to some of my favorite places to visit,
1. Wanda at My Happy Place
2. Crafty Bitz by Hope Jacare
3. Brenda at Brenda's Joy
4. Gabrielle at Such A Pretty Mess
If any of my other bloggers who I may have forgotten and don't have this, let me know and I will award to you. I had seen that most of you had this one. Thanks!! Dawn


Z said...


Brenda said...

Congratulations Dawn!! I LOVE your blog! And thank you soooo very much for passing this award to me!!Thank you for all your support on my blog.You know this made me cry.....happy tears of joy!!!To tired from working all weekend to do the happy dance!

Claire Phillips said...

Congratulations Dawn - I am soooooo thrilled aswell for mine! Can we start a mutual admiration society? I must be suffering from brain ache as I was sure I had left a message about this yesterday....sometimes mt brain and hands don't work together. Cheers Claire x

Tammy said...

CONGRATS GIRL!!!!!!! I just read the great news, I'm so happy you made the DT for the Chirper Challenge!! (No surprise, your work is awesome) I'm so excited:) YAY!! Just got back from my trip, we had a blast the kids loved it so much! Anyway, talk later gotta go make dinner:)



magicwanda said...

Congrats Dawn.....
And Thanks for passing it on
Now if you could tell dummy me how to put it on my blog....I would be very Happy
Thanks Dawn

Lynn said...

Congrats girl! You deserve it!

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