Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Amazing Race Begins Tomorrow

Hello everyone as you know I am one of the finalist in the Rusty Pickle Amazing Race 2009. The race starts tomorrow at 12 noon Mountain time. We will receive our first challenge and clue to begin the race.
Here is the part one from

Tracey Donnelly Locher

Here we go, guys! Instructions - Part 1... Tomorrow, June 24th at noon MST, a clue will be posted on the Rusty Pickle blog. Read the clue and you will discover the name of a scrappy internet site. Go to that site and look for a thread in one of their message board forums that say something like, "Welcome Rusty Pickle Amazing Race Finalsists." Once you know you have the right site, register immediatly. Some of the sites will take a few minutes to get you approved, so register right away.

The thread in the message board will be where you will get your assignment, where you can ask any questions, were you can support each other, and where others can watch and comment on the Race. In that thread, there will also be information about, or a link to, the gallery where you will be uploading the pictures of your project when they are complete. You will also be given the deadline... the time when this project is due and the next clue will be given.

Part 2

Instructions - Part 2... The deadline will always be at noon (MST) on the assigned day (sorry about that, oversees gals!) The galleries will be just for the Race projects that each of the scrappy sites have set up for the Race.

I am so glad to see you are all working together already, and trying to make sure nobody is left behind with the clues. You WILL NEED EACH OTHER during the Race, so don't be afraid to ask for help. If you need ANYTHING, you have my personal email or you can comment here on the Facebook page.

I have posted the list of "extras" that have been approved. Also, feel free to post any of your work, clues, thoughts, anything on your own blogs. This is YOUR Race, too... ENJOY the process. And don't forget to breathe. You are all going to ROCK OUR SOCKS OFF and make Rusty Pickle proud!

Don't forget to have your family/friends check out the RP blog, too, as we will be having give-a-ways to help keep this party going for the next 2+ weeks! Good Luck!

I have list the Amazing Racers, if I don't have their blogs now I will as soon as I can I will post. Please go to the Rusty Pickle blog to view all their wonderful creations.....

Also remember their will be give-a-ways!!!

Beth Root

Cathleen Smith

Dawn Gallop (of course you are here)

Jodi Ethington

Julie Hill

Julie Walton

Kristi Egle

Mandie Dillard

Noeleen Acosta

Pamela Young

Sarah Carrington

Tiff Sawyer

We are at the starting line...on you marks, get set..........!!!


Kristi said...

Hey Dawn,
My blog is:


Great idea!!!
Excited for the race to begin.

Tammy said...

Good luck to you Dawn and everyone else!
Have tons of fun ladies!!


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