Friday, June 12, 2009

Crystal's Nursing Pinning and Cody's Graduation

Crystal received her CNA pin at the CNA Graduation at her High School. There were 15 girls and 1 young man. I was so PROUD of all of them. The ceremony was a real much energy and enthusiasm. All the young nurses are going to be successful!! CONGRATS!!

Here is the cake I made Crystal for her little party.

Cody graduated from 5th grade and let me tell you he looks like he is high school student, slow down son!! Wonderful graduation ceremony. Cody will now go to Jr. High.
Here is his little cake I made for his special day. His school are dragons.
Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend!!


magicwanda said...

Wow Dawn !!!
You got to be one proud Mom.....
Congrats...I left you something on my Blog
Big Hugs Wanda

Jane Wetzel said...

AHHHH ...SO SWEET....Congrats! :)

Tammy said...

Congrats to your children on their accomplishments! Beautiful job on the cakes girl! ;)



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