Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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Hello everyone.....I know I have not been a good little blogger or for the most part a good little comment me I am just overloaded right now and everyday I say I'm gonna leave comment then the day has gone and nothing!! I want everyone to know I am still thinking of you and you are all in my thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, some are even in my prayers!!!!!!!! With me having to work now and it is much like 16 hours each day, every single weekend!!! I just can't keep up with all that I have to do. On Monday's it is a clean up day, from me being gone on the weekends. Laundry is EVERYDAY!!! We hang out everything so that is extra time too.

Our garden has produced so much this year, I believe it is the best one we have had since I was like 24...yeah.....that year I put up over 200 jars of quart tomatoes. This year we are in a running tie......not to mention, squash, cucumbers, yep I made pickles enough for the next three years. Patty pan squash, blueberries, which I made tons of jams...I know 55 jars of strawberry..I have pretty much lost count of the others. The zucchini has been so plentiful we have even created new recipes.....zucchini cookies, breads, even...... just our versions.

So please don't forget me I'm still here...and winter will come soon I will be in full force on the computer..... I also lost the screen on my I have it hooked to a desktop monitor...which now I cannot move from room to room..and leave love everywhere........and a new laptop is out of the question.

Well I started this entry for one reason and as usual I get carried away...The Great Outdoors lo is featured on

PLEASE go check Jean's WONDERFUL website out!!!!!!!!! thanks!!
Enjoy your day!! Hugs, to everyone!!

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scrappinlil said...

Sorry leaving this on wrong lo....but I love your great outdoor layout...and also I left you something on my blog...TFS

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