Sunday, November 1, 2009

Scrap n' Art Magazine

Hi everyone a quick note here, sorry for my delay in posting.....I have had a tough week Cooper has been sick. Since Tuesday he has just been ill and fussy, I kinda feel Dusty is coming down with now. I have made a few things so stay tuned......just need a few minutes to post, hopefully tomorrow evening if the boys get to feeling better. I received my email tonight of the new Scrap n' Art Magazine debut, they are offering this fabulous deal for half off to family and friends of published artist....well here is your chance to get the magazine for $4.98 for the year...that is such a bargain!! All you have to do is email.....well here is the info from my email..... If
you would like to subscribe to Scrap n' Art, or have friends or family
members who would like to subscribe, we are currently offering half-off
subscription prices to Scrap n' Art published artists, friends and
family members. Please have anyone interested email with
their name, the name of the published artist, and their valid email
address, and they will be contacted with info about how to receive
their yearly subscription for only $4.98!

My email is if you are interested my lo Go Green is on page 72. There are soo many wonderful ideas and techniques in this issue, I have printed it already and hope to finish reading it. Love it!! Thanks everyone...Hugs, Dawn Gallop

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