Friday, December 25, 2009


Wanted to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Happy Holidays!! Enjoy every moment!! Take lots of pictures. I also wanted to share a few pics with you. The first one is Abigail my 3yo granddaughter, I bought her this dress at the after Halloween sale for $9 bucks at Target. Snow princess, well it fit perfect and she loves it!! I was able to get some pics of her in it before the boys woke up the other day, I just love the pics I took of her in the dress. Then that afternoon we decorated the gingerbread houses, whew!! It was a BLAST they all decorated the first one, well after I had put the icing on the second one, Cooper says he didn't any!! He would put one candy piece on then lick his was hysterical. He and Abigail managed to eat some of it too. They had so much fun. Wanted to share a few of the pics!! Merry Christmas!! Hugs, Dawn
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