Thursday, September 30, 2010

Necklace using the Making Memories, Ornamentea, and Susan Lenart Kazmer Charms

Student learning in Melissa Manleys Hard Candy Class

The studio in the Tropical Storm
My front yard
My front yard
Smithoian National Zoo Washington DC
Hubby and Kiddos at the Zoo
The butterfly Pavilion

Butterfly on Exhibit
Easter Island Statue used in the movie "Night of The Museum"

Smithsonian Easter Island Exhibit

Colby at the Smithsonian
Dusty this early morning

Colten at the Smithsioan Natural History Museum
Me and Colten
Washington DC
Washington DC
Hello Again,
             I have been trying all day to post this, we are in the middle of the Tropical Storm Nicole having winds, and torrential rain at this time. I did cancel my class for tonight...the Copics class.  I do want to share with you some more Washington DC pics, Art Bliss and the necklace.  I used a variety of charms to make this necklace. Beverly one of my students and dear friends brought me the "D" on the necklace, well when I was putting it in my metalshop/bead room....I said ummmm I really think I could put this together right now....well within like 15 minutes I had this wonderful little necklace complete. I love it, I had purchased the Susan Lenart Kazmer charms at M's...which btw I have bought like all of!! Love her AMAZINGI ARTIST.  The flower's, the other charms are from Making Memories Jewelry by Jill Schwartz. Awesome talent!!! Love these pieces. The wheels I am unsure of I bought them from M's on clearence. The chain and supplies are from   I buy alot of my supplies from will love that place!!! The boys had no school today but they have had a ball playing the XBOX 360. Hope you have a wonderful day. Cyber Hugs, Dawn

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


T-Shirts made on the Yudu using the Cricut
Washington DC Capitol
National Smithsonian Zoo Reptile Exhibit
The wonderful Pandas at the National Zooalgical Park

Butterfly in the Butterfly Pavilion
Calcified Nest on exhibit at the Smithsonian

Washington DC Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

Washington DC Monument
Washington DC ~ Archives
Dusty at the Washington DC National Smithsonian Zoo

Colten in the Butterfly Pavilion

Good Morning all,
Well It will be a slight catch-up day.....I have been gone since early am last Thursday....I have not even been by the blogs yet. Got home late Monday night and had to work Tuesday all day to teach Tuesday night at the AAS store in Chesapeake VA. The class went wayyyyyy over I did not even get home till 2am. So here I am this morning trying to catch-up.

This weekend was FABULOUS>>>>>I mean just FABULOUS. I spent the whole weekend in classes at ART BLISS in Sterling Va. Was able to work with some AMAZING talented teachers and students. Oh my...just fun times. My first class started off with Melissa Manley. I took two classes with her....just perfect spent all day Saturday in here class then all evening in her other class. She ROCKS!!!! She is so AMAZING and just down to earth and I laughed alot....mainly because when she teaches it reminds me of myself when I teach. SO I could just giggle thinking okay I am not the only one!!! LOL!!! JUST AWESOME!!! Check her out.... click on her name to view her site. She will also be teaching at Art and Soul. There were other amazing artist at the Art Bliss like Deryn Mentock and Kerry Bogert. On Sunday I took classes with Kerry Bogert and had a fabulous time...she is awesome just filled with knowledge and down to earth amazing!! She even signed my book she wrote...just wonderful.....check it out. Totally Twisted. I will be sharing pictures all week of my trip up to Sterling Va., Art Bliss and Washington DC. Hubby took the boys sightseeing in Washington DC while I was in classes that is the times I miss but I do need to fill my creative side too!!!
Also let me tell ya about my shirts I made for the trip....well my dear sweet "sista from anoter mutter" as we say. We could be sisters really!!! She signed up for my first class back in Feb. and has been in everyone since...Beverly. Well I have been talking about the YUDU every since Provo Craft brought it out...well Beverly bought one and had not used it she said take it home and use it...well THANKS Beverly now I really want one!!!! LOVE IT!!! I made these cute tee's for the retreat....folks even said they would have bought one from me if I had made more. I used two cheapo tee's from M's and washed without fabric softener. Hung to dry....then went to work!! Using the Cricut alphas from Ashlyn's alphabet and Wall Decor and More I cut them in black and placed them on the YUDU then flashed the image....oh my fun fun fun!!!! Can't wait to get some more tee's. Also I used the fabulous I-Rock by Imaginisce . Love that tool!!! My dear friend Beverly bought it for me. Thanks Beverly. Oh well I must have talked your ears!!! Have a WONDERFUL INSPIRED Day of ART!!! Cyber Hugs, Dawn

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Converse Shoes while conversing ~doodles~

Hello again, It really seems so hard everyday to sneak a post in....seriously!! Why? you can only guess why, right!! When we went shoe shopping for school we were in Rack Room Shoes and they had the bogo 1/2 off well we had all that everyone needed...and I saw these Converse just calling my name....yes I know I didn't need them. Mostly all I wear are flip flops....yeah even in the winter..but I do wear boots when going out. So I debated...ok I was sold. I saw this blank canvas with doodles all over it. That very same day when we got back home I had my Utrecht catalog in the joke on the back pages of the sales catalog were blank Converse not to mention a fabulous sale!!! Hubby called later that night and we just had a long talk and I was talking I doodled away...before we finished with our conversation I had completed my new Converse shoes...Love 'em!! Just tooooo much fun!!! The boys loved them too!! I used a black Sharpie fine point. Have a WONDERFUL Day full of Inspiration, Cyber Hugs, Dawn

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Mask that almost wasn't A Michael DeMeng Class

Like I had said I have been creating and creating....just not posting. Wanted to share with you all one of my favorite pieces of work. In May I attended Art and Soul and took a Michael DeMeng class. I had purchased one of his books on Well the class list was specific but I had no clue what I was getting into.....all I can say is WOW!!! Well worth every minute. I learned so much and now ASSEMBLAGE is just AMAZING!!!! I had always collected all these found objects my whole life...but now I found a creative outlet to use them. Never realizing all the bottle caps I have saved and listening to hubby I know why....they were meant for the assemblage of my art.
So going back to the day of class I got there and had left my cheapo white Michaels arts and craft mask in the car they had this convention going on and I literally had to park in the boonies. I sat in class with like nothing other than my Tim Holtz finding and some paint and wooden board that was left in VW from another project. They came into the room telling everyone they had to move their car if it was in this far out parking lot.....well you know what that!!!! So I got up walked what seemed forever and trying to find this tiny VW in a field of cars. Finally locating my car the alarm going off>>>>WHY ???? I will never know......IT has a mind of its own!!! So I get my mask and realize my VW is headed back to class with this cheapo mask...thinking I am never going to pull this off......I just didn't come prepared......So walking back down the corridors I stopped into the traveling shop and found a few found objects. Pleasesd with the items I set back to the class and was now prepared to begin. Michael was going over some tools and objects and how to assemble what I was thinking and creating. OK I am ready now so I began putting on some air dry clay (which being A Gare Certified teacher) I was clay experienced, lol!! I was having a blast.....this little mask came together nicely...the students in the class were just amazing!! The creativity that came from the class was just enough to make everything come together beautifully!!! Then around 4pm Michael had what he calls The Good the Bad and the Ugly. Playing the music theme too!! Set the mood and he critiqued everyones mask. Just an amazing day and I was so pleased with mask and the skills I learned. Michael signed both of my books. Just an amazing day!!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Give Me A Call Sometime Copics Cool Greys

Hi again well made this card using this wonderful digi stamp from Sketching Stamper Digi Stamps . I was in love with that digi stamp when I saw it and thought how perfect for a cool grey technique. Chris is one seriously AMAZING artist!!!! Check her out. You will love her blog!!!! She is so sweet!!!!! Thanks Chris for this amazing litttle digi stamp. I really liked the way she turned out. I know a change for me but sometimes you need a change. Too much fun!!!! Bazzill cardstock. Copics cool greys. The ribbon is some that came on a sheet set always recycling here. Spellbinders nestabilities. Have a wonderful day.....I am off to buy a new dishwasher.....the one we bought for the new house in Dec. 2008 has already blew-up....that was a short life for this one. It litterally will run 2-3 times a that really is not bad I guess. TTYL......Cyber Hugs, Dawn :o)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sending You Oceans of Love Imaginisce card

Hello hello hello,

Well I guess you thought I had disappeared right??? Come'on I know you did, it has just beena crazy summer and now that school has settled back in do I have a ton to show you. Just because I was not posting due to extreme overload...I was still creating. Yeah as always whether in the car or working ( I plan it out in my head then) I am always thinking and creating. I have seriously missed you guys!!!!! I have been working at the scrapbook store four times a month teaching classes, I know that doesn't sound like alot.....but in between I am trying to create for the class and pack. I have been teaching the Tim Holtz classes and the Copic classes...which I absolutely love them all!!!

I have some of the most amazing students. They just keep me coming back time after time!!! I do want to share a card I taught last night and will be teaching again on Sept. 30 if you are close and would like to take the class. Using copics and Imaginisce pp's and Imaginise Splash Dance sea life......OH SO ADORABLE!!!! Love them!!! Thanks again Imaginisce. Other products used Bazzill cardstock, circle punches, and Ranger Stickles and Glossy Accents. Oh I also wanted to tell you a story about this card........I had taken it into the store at the beginning of the Sept. to advertise about the classes. Well last Friday it was swiped right from the class shelf in the store. Amanda my daughter says be flattered but I was sorta hurt or in disbelief about it????? I mean come on....... but oh well it happens!!! So yesterday before class I made this replacement one. Enjoy your day!!! Sending cyber hugs, Dawn
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