Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mermaid Mixed Media

Hello again,

Thanks for stopping by.  It has been a busy week here.....hubby is picking up Crystal from down in Alabama from the base, and she will be visiting with us for about a week. Yeah!!! We have not seen her since Christmas time, and then she will be off to South Korea. I can't wait. I am slowing getting my projects posted.....it just seems like I don't ever have a spare moment. I am always in awe of others whose blog is up to date and they have made videos...just WOW!! It is never quite enough here to pull off a video...lol!! This little canvas all started from Beverly giving me some wiremesh from Amaco ..I made the flowers, then well I wanted to put the flowers on something...so there you have it. The fish is clay that I also handmade from some really old glazes from Duncan (shhhhh they have lead in them) All the old ones do. The Believe was cut from Tinkerbell cart. (Tink and Friends) from Cricut...using the negative as a stencil....inking on. The memaid was cut from the Silhouette but I used the pattern to cut the body out of tin and alcohol inked it. Then the upper body was made from polymar clay . All paints used are Golden. Oh yeah btw the seaweed is cut from Cricut  Life is a Beach Cart. The seaweed is cut from canvas. Hope everyone has a wonderful day, cyber hugs, Dawn.


Anonymous said...

So you know I missed you, right? That I"d come back now and again...and cry...okay no tears but I was close! LOL!
I am SO glad you are back and I just looked at EVERY post you've added back...
Looks like some serious adventures you have been on! The classes and masks were amazing to say the least! And I adore the Babushka dolls, I've always loved those since my Mom had a set growing up.
I hope you and your family has been well!
Lots of love,

Unknown said...

This is beautiful! I think I saw a picture at ArtBliss? I love how you incorporate so many mediums in your work. Hope you have a great visit with Crystal!

mummakat said...

This is just beautiful! Love it!

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