Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My first fine silver bezel ring

Hello all.

I am still tring to post some of my works during my absence. It is just so hard.....lol!! I have been kinda not moving around well here.  Two Sunday's ago I was pulling Dusty out of the tub and pulled well I thought a muscle, turned out to be my sciatic nerve...which being the good nurse that I am I diagnosed myself before the Dr. visit. It had got so bad I still can't even feel three of my toes!! Have been on Prednisone and motrin....so heres hoping fot the BEST!!! If I could just take it easy....LOL!, for some reason that is not in my nature!! Anyway enough said.....I made this wonderful little ring from fine silver taught by Lillian Jones. She is wonderful instructor, friendly, extremely informative!!!  Most of the girls in the class used stick pearls......me ya know gotta be "DIFFERENT". I put the swirls as a added accent.....not in the original design. Now I am ready to make more.  Fun Fun Fun!!! The class was at Ornamentea which has been a real favorite of mine!!! The only thing is I live almost three hours away. If it was closer I would be there as much as possible!! It is one "ROCKING" fabulous place to be, shop, and the staff is so friendly and helpful!!! Awesome awesome place!!!! Thanks Ornamentea....plus they have this great blog. http://shinylittlethings.blogspot.com/  Check them out!! I also wanted to share some pics from the weekend. My dd who is in the US Army has been here for a week...she is now today off to Korea. We will all miss her. My whole immediate family came this weekend to visit so I wanted to share these pics. Have a WONDERFUL INSPIRED DAY!!!! Cyber Hugs, Dawn Gallop

My three girls jumping on trampoline. Amanda, Alexis, and Crystal.

My oldest son Bruce Jr. and my youngest son Dusty.

Four Generations.

Me and Hubby Bruce.

Me and My Mom.

The family.

Me and hubs!!

Boomer our doggie!
Rolling over...love it!!

Silly fun pics!


Sherry -Aunt Elmo- said...

your family is beautiful!! I wish I had a big family or that I knew my big family...

Your ring is fantabulous...you never cease to amaze me!

Now please take care of yourself!! UGH! I know as mothers we are our last priority but sometimes you just have to sit!

Hope you're feeling better soon!!

flowerdisco said...

how do you keep so young? you look like a sister to your daughters. so is your husband a brother to his junior. God bless you all.

I am in a lot of pain too. I was working on the yard pulling some weeds and I am paying for it now. I knew I was going to get pain tough but it needed to be done.

Hope you nerve stop irritating you. I am the doctor here too, lol.

Hugs to you my dear!

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