Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Encaustics.......Do what????

Encaustic paint using Imaginisce Apple Cider pp, tree hand painted

Delight (felt flower) ATC encaustic card

House of Three encautic painting

Vintage ATC image Melody Ross quote embellie

Butterfly encaustic painting

Class instruction at Art of the Carolina's Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

Patricia at work

Patricia Balwin Seggebruch signing her book in my copy

Me and Patricia

Me and Beverly
My set up at home
Suze Weinberg and me
   Hello,                                                                                                                                                                                 Everything went well today I am improving everyday with my sciatic nerve.  The boys are still sick with this yucky cough, and Cooper keeps letting me know "I too sick" (to do anything). I decided last night I was going to drag out the encaustics stuff and get to work, I have only dabbled in it a few times in the past...mostly because of Suze Weinberg we also worked on it at Inspired this past year.  Well I had been just about begging hubby to go to Art of the Carolinas well that was out of the question. Beverly called me on Sunday of last week and we were talking back and forth about it and I said yeah I wanna go BAD!!! She said lets...well I got off the phone and asked hubby and he said YES!!! So I bought my class right away and all week me and Bevy were just EXCITED!!!
             Friday came and I was excited but felt like I was on a bad roller coaster much to do to leave my crew even if only for a few hours.....imagine what I went thru to go to Utah last fall.???. LOL!! Me and Bevy were loaded up and on our way to Raleigh NC. I took Bevy country roads until Hwy 64..... it is shorter!!! LOL! Bevy didn't think so! We just had a blast California Kitchen (love that place) Bevy's treat!! Thanks Beverly I could never Thank You enough. NEVER!!!  Archivers, Ornamentea, Barnes and Nobles, and Jo-Ann's Crafts. We were just having a ball finally we got to the Art of the Carolinas and oh my it was Art Utopia....and my class was starting oh no not enough time to shop. Encautic Collage he we are with our wonderful fun teacher Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch she has a book out which btw she signed my copy. Happy Waxing!! Love it!! We made three little collages see above compliments of R&F. They provided the awesome boards and paints for the class. I could have just painted all day. Well eager to make something at home...I dug out what little bit of encaustics that I do have. I set out to always I work with what is out and about in close reach (when I haven't cleaned up) so i made the board above with Imaginisce and Dusty. The ATC (compliments of Bevy) thanks dear!!! :o) felt, German glass glitter, 7 Gypsies pp. Fun fun!!! Now that I have made this post I am gonna make another something now...well finish up another project hope to post tomorrow...can't wait to show ya!!! EXCITING! One more quick thing...I forgot to tell ya I made the top three at Simon Says Stamp and Show Blog....the other week with my Haunted Shrine....this is BIG!!! A real honor! Have a GREAT DAY!!! :o) Cyber Hugs, Dawn Gallop

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trish said...

Fantabulous! What great results-so glad to have had you and the time was well spent if your paintings are a testament :) best to you dawn~trish

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