Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chocolate Covered Pretzels Recipe #9 and Recycled Jar with Etching Cream

Chocolate Covered Pretzels in Recycled Jar

Close Up of Decorated Chocolate Covered Pretzels

"JOY" recycled jar with etched Joy and decorated

The boys ready to decorated the pretzels
Dusty and Cooper

The Ingredients needed to make pretzels

Cooper smashes peppermints to decorate pretzels with

Melt Chocolate and then dip pretzels in

Dusty decorates the pretzels

Finished and ready for gift giving

We decorated our tree tonight Dusty was amazed by the lights
     I bet you thought I forgot about Recipe#9? Well NO!! LOL!! Alexis my dd who is in college came home yesterday to help me with the boys laundry changing out sizes and seasons. She was a HUGE help and will try to come back to help again real soon but with her job it is hard.  Thanks Lex we love you!! I was finally able to finish our tree tonight....piece by piece. It is live tree and very beautiful. I will post as soon as I can. Dusty was so fascinated by the lights...he would go AWWW...with mouth wide open. Cooper asked me a thousand questions about each ornament...too cute. Alexis left this morning to head back to college for an exam....hears hoping she "A"ced it!! 
      This one was a simple as simple gets!! All I did was melt chocolate in the microwave on high for one minute then on thirty seconds then 15 seconds, stirring well between each cycle. I keep it warm on a hot griddle at around 98 degrees. Then after melted I pour in one to two drops of oil, for this recipe I used chocolate hazelnut. These are available some flavors at Michael's, and a cake decorating store. I use Wine and Cake Hobbies  . They are awesome to shop with. Then I take the pretzel and twist around in the chocolate and then decorate with many things like grated chocolate, peppermint, and just about anything you can think of that would be pretty and tasty. The boys had a blast and it is so easy and fun. Keeping out of the goodies is the only hard part, lol!!
Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Pretzel Rods
Chocolate disc like Wilton has
oil flavorings
or any other decorative edible
These will freeze too.
Have fun!!! Let me know what kinda exciting things your up to for the holidays. The jar was a jar that Cheese-Whiz came in and since it had a wide mouth I thought yeah great for the pretzels and easy to etch on. I used the Armour Etch and the Silhouette SD cutting out the "JOY" and using the vinyl to make a template. The ribbon was ironed using the Pebble's ribbon iron and folded gluing to jar the poinsettia is Prima and the rhinsetone snowflake is Imaginisce. An easy great gift. Cyber hugs, Dawn Gallop


Sherry -Aunt Elmo- said...

these look yummy!! We made your peppermint bark and I can't stop eating it!! We make some every year but I've never tried the chocolate layer...I will be making this every year now!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Your boys are just too cute. Isn't Christmas so much fun with little ones??

flowerdisco said...

hey have been busy cooking a lot. i am allergic to the kitchen, lol. not a great cook and can go without cooking many days. but of course, can't do that :( i have a family too i have to feed :)

wanted to wish you happy holidays before all gets too crazy and no time at all.


sonja -va said...

thanks for the recipe, my kids think i'm the next martha stewart if they only knew -- thank you- you do inspire

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