Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Copper Bracelet Made For a Gift and Imaginisce December Sketch Winner

Crystal's Copper Bracelet with Nickel Heart


Abigail's tiny copper bracelet

The 2010 Ornament Bruce gave me for the tree (LOVE IT)

Dusty and Cooper Christmas Eve, the slippers are from Alexis
They look so PROUD

Colten and Colby (Colby has been very sick)

The books I gave them Christmas Eve from Hallmark I just loved them, told Amanda I could
read books for a living!! LOL!!

Cooper and Dusty in the car Crystal sent to Dusty for Christmas
Dusty LOVES it~~

Dusty looking at the tree Christmas Eve 2010

Bruce Jr., Abigail and Penny
(Penny announced at Christmas she was expecting again)

The desserts for Christmas (I sent just as much to Crystal and my Neighbors)

The girls making the pizzas for Christmas (yeah you know it we had to use the pizza oven)

Hello and so sorry it has taken sooooo long to get back on here, I had a real bad cold and so did Colby. Well then it was like a domino Cooper. Bruce took the boys to the doctor yesterday so I think we are on our way to recovery. I was checking my emails today some go to my phone and some don't and to my surprise not only did my card Christmas Bliss make it in the Basic Grey Gallery
but I received at wonderful CHRISTMAS Gift from a very dear blogger friend
from Aunt Elmo's World
I had no idea until this morning, I fell asleep early last night and woke up around 3 am and forget it I was not
going back to sleep the house was quite and I decided to finally get on the computer and blog around, and oh yeah Facebook some folks.
I managed to check the emails out too. We have been snowed in every since Christmas night (pictures for tomorrow) and had company for several days so crazy, crazy...then the sickness.
So I want to THANK Sherry for her kindness and thoughtfulness.
That's not all that was in my email guess what I won the December sketch challenge at Imaginisce.
Click HERE
to see the layout and they are also having another giveaway soooo go on over and leave a comment!!
Can you believe all those goodies at once!! LOVE IT!!

Alrighty on to the copper bracelet I made each of the girls in the family one of these handmade copper bracelets using 22g copper. I had so much fun and I even made Penny one with a heart that said Penny and Bruce.  Abigail's was so tiny...just too cute. Everyone loved them. The straps are leather, and the heart is nickel.
Wanted to also share the pics above a little of our holiday. We were certainly blessed and had a wonderful time, it was very sad to not have Crystal here but we did SKYPE her the whole time...yeah!! Poor thing stayed up all night in South Korea just to hang with us over Skype....WE MISS YOU CRYSTAL!! Love ya!
Hope every ones holiday was fabulous let me know some of the details.....until tomorrow..Cyber Hugs, Dawn Gallop


Boni Boutelle-Jones said...

Happy New Year!!
It seems like forever since I've been able to hop around and leave some love. What a year! I certainly hope that you have a blessed year and keep up the FABULOUS projects and inspiration.

Love all the family photos! I was LOL at those boys!!

Sherry -Aunt Elmo- said...

ooo I'm so happy you won that contest!! I love that layout!! Congrats to you!! and I'm going to work hard at becoming your neighbor- lol I feel like cookie monster! We didn't get to bake as much as we normally do this year or else they just eat it faster maybe?

Love the photos of the kids. Dusty's car is just too cute! Those bracelets are awesome! and CONGRATS on becoming a grandma again!! Yay!! Babies are sooo much fun.

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