Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A quick necklace and a PECAN PRALINE Recipe #1


Close up

Ingredients for Pecan Pralines

Step 1 Mix sugars, half and half

Stir and cook until thoroughly mixed and temp. reaches softball stage 230 degrees

230 Degrees (soft ball stage)
I use a Wilton Candy Thermometer

Once temp reached add butter and then vanilla

Mix in Pecans

Lay out flat until parchment paper or wax paper

YUMMY!!!  They freeze too.

Colby and his "Stocking Project"

Dusty sad he didn't want to wear a bib

Dusty and Cooper sitting and watching TV under the quilt I made
Hello hello again,
    Finally getting this up today starting the December first can you hardly believe it. It seems as this year has been a blur so many things going on and yet you blink and its another year over...oh my where does it all go??? I was reading in a book last night The Artistic Mother  by Shona Cole her blog is at  An amazing artist. The book is about how you can find time to create with little ones. A contributing artist in her book Misty Mawn described time perfectly "If I had all the time in the world (to create), it still wouldn't be enough." I thought  how true. An awesome book and they have it at Amazon so check it out some of them are even used and real cheap.
       The necklace was a charm I found at Michaels and the chain too put them together and BAM!! A beautiful necklace I have actually enjoyed wearing. I love easy peasy put togethers and functional too.
The pictures of Dusty and Cooper under the quilt I made when I was pregnant with Colby Shane(before we knew the sex).....I was mostly attracted to the patterns on the prints and it looked good together it is rail fence quilt. We all love it! Colby had to make a stocking for his class with his name on it and we used some Rusty Pickle pp and Jolee's to make it special...he had such a good time making it he even traced the stocking. He even gave the nutcrackers "coconuts" as he said, gotta love it!! You can just see how proud he is. Dusty on the other hand I was reading somewhere...oh my forgive I wish I knew of my books a blog???? Take pictures in the kitchen of the now right now and we had to leave but the boys needed a snack so Dusty had a scrambled egg, well to avoid ketchup on him Amanda put the bib on and oh about one upset little guy.....whew. He finally compromised and kept the bib on and ate his egg, but  I just thought that sad face was picture perfect and defiantly in the now!!!

 1 1/2 Cups of Sugar
3/4  cups of light brown sugar, packed
1/2 cup + 2T. Half and Half
1/2 stick of unsalted butter
1 1/2 cups of pecans
1 tsp. vanilla
Combine sugars together with half and half in pan and cook at almost high heat I use the third dot on my burner dial. Cook until the candy thermometer reaches the soft ball stage or 230 degrees Very important.  Then take off burner and butter and vanilla. Stir then add pecans stir until the shine leaves the mixture and spoon unto parchment paper and/ or wax paper.  Cool and eat. Store in an air tight container or freeze flat in a Tupperware container. A yummy start to the holiday goodies. 
I'm not sure where this recipe came from I have had it hand written for years and who knows...I have many like that, but makes a yummy yummy candy. Hope you like it. Have a wonderful day. Cyber hugs, Dawn Gallop

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Sherry -Aunt Elmo- said...

Pretty necklace and quilt!! And those pecan pralines look so yummy I'm going to have to try those!! My favorite picture is Dusty's pouty face!! So heart melting and cute all at the same time!

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