Sunday, December 5, 2010

Peppermint Bark Recipe #5 in a Tim Holtz Decorated Rubbermaid Container

Peppermint Bark and Decorated Rubbermaid Container

Using Staz-On ink to decorate sides

Tim Holtz deer by Sizzix and TH pp

Muslin inked and stamped to make ribbon

Ingredients for Peppermint Bark

put chocolate in microwave on high

cut up white chocolate bark then place in microwave

Add peppermint oil

Pour unto greased 13x9 pan

spread evenly

Freeze first layer

Cody smashing mints you can use candy canes too

Cody continues to smash

pour mints into melted white chocolate

stir and then pour

pour out white chocolate evenly over chilled chocolate the chocolate will melt some so be careful not to blend

freeze to chill chocolate only takes a few minutes

Finished Bark

Fridays class at Ornamentea

The class

The class with Patti Digh

The class

Me and Patti Digh

Patti Digh Signing her book to me

My reconnection art sent to my aunt Gracie

Cynthia's Reconnection Art

Reconnection Art

Reconnection Art

Reconnection Art

Reconnection Art

Reconnection Art

Reconnection Art

Cynthia Owner of Ornamentea and Artist
The snow we go Saturday night.
Colby, Cody, and Colten

Just signing in the snow.
Colby in front, Cody and Colten.

Hello all,
Today brings recipe #5 Peppermint Bark, and also I told you yesterday that I would share the class from Friday at Ornamentea, with Patti Digh and Cynthia Deis. Lets start off with Friday the whole idea was to reconnect with someone whom you have lost contact by snail mail and not email or Facebook. We all had the creative juices flowing and just made ART!! We had a blast talking and listening to Patti Digh author of several books which I would HIGHLY recommend just awesome reading positive and such great ideas for self help and ideas to make the little things count. They sell them right at Ornamentea go HERE.  My reconnection art was sent to my aunt Gracie who as a child was such a wonderful person to have in my life, so positive and the IDEAL mother!! She was a "crafter", a cook, and a picture taker...whats better...LOL! Also she took me to buy my first bra, oh my how long ago was that!!!! If everyone could have a mother like her they would have had the BEST! She is my fathers sister and whenever I would come around she just made me feel so special and loved. Her daughter which was always my favorite cousin. We just always had great times. I wanted to know that my aunt Gracie was a VERY special person in my life inspite of not connecting all the time! Love ya Gracie!! Now you are the owner of some of my art.  I have put up some of the work from the class reconnection mail art class. I didn't have every ones for some reason I missed some. Talking too much I'm sure, lol!!! We just had a fun filled relaxing day. Patti signed her books for me and Dawn brought us some vegan hot chocolate...yummy!! We played around taking pics after wards and just had a wonderful day...thanks Patti and Cynthia.
Last night
we had our first pizza from the pizza oven,it is official done now he is going to add the cosmetic part...the finishing touches. We had a blast it was snowing which is BIG here in NC. We hardly ever get snow and we go several years without any. So when we get it, it is just plain fun and exciting. We had a fire in the outdoor fireplace and ate our pizza in the snow....yummy! I will post those pics tomorrow...just so many pics with the recipes.
Peppermint Bark
1 1/2 cups of Chocolate discs (I use Guittard)
9 squares of white chocolate (Store brand)
2 drops of peppermint oil (Wilton)
peppermint disc candies (or candy canes)
See pics above start by measuring the chocolate pour into microwave safe dish and cook on high for one minute then 30 sec intervals stirring between times. Do not get any water around your chocolate and do not over cook. Drop one to two drops of the peppermint oil into chocolate. Then pour into 13x9 sprayed with Pam and even out, place in freezer for several minutes. Crush up peppermint disc I used 20 but it is a personal choice and you can use candy canes instead of the peppermint disc candy. Then melt the white chocolate, mix in crushed peppermint and drop one to two drops of the peppermint oil into the white chocolate. Now pour over the cold chocolate and smooth out well. Place back in freezer for a few minutes and bam you have peppermint bark to enjoy and give as gifts.
The container was a Rubbemaid container that came in a set from Dollar General for $2 bucks and I took Staz-On ink and used the Tim Holtz stamps, stamped the container. If you mess up or do not like the image just use 70% rubbing alcohol ink and remove...start over. Then I took cheap muslin ripped into strips inked using the Tim Holtz Distress Inks Pine Needles and then using Tim Holtz stamps stamped the ribbon with Brushed Corduroy. The deer is one of Tim Holtz new Sizzix dies and his paper line too. The red yarn I have had foreverrrr, the flower is a piece of Prima flowers. Hope you like it and it took like 15 minutes tops to make.....oh so simple!!! I buy my chocolate at Wine and Cake Hobbies if you need somewhere to buy chocolate, but any chocolate will do even the Baker's Semi-sweet chocolate. Have a WONDERFUL Sunday and stay warm. Cyber Hugs, Dawn Gallop

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