Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Whale Watch or Not???

Good day all, I know it has been a few days but that whale watch or not??? took everything I had...and for what I had no little ones and I rode a bus and viewed sites??? We left the school house at 6:30 am on Friday and we went to the hotel dropped the luggage and headed to the Virginia Marine Science Aquarium in Va. Beach Va. where everyone enjoyed the sea life and the hands on .
We then went to the MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk Va. watched a film and toured the museum. Had a tour on the Norfolk Naval Base and had lunch. We headed back to Va. Beach to a skating rink where we all skated and had a BLAST!!! Dinner was pizza and back to the hotel, we ordered in Chinese food and watched some TV, then soon fell fast asleep.
We woke up Saturday morn. having a buffet breakfast and since the actual "WHALE WATCH" trip was canceled due to weather conditions, high winds and raining/snowy weather. We then headed back to the Va. Marine Science Museum where we watched an IMAX movie...Under the Sea in 3D.....Fabulous!! The weather conditions were getting worst.....mostly snow at this point. We headed back to the MacArthur Mall in Norfolk where we had lunch and did some shopping. Cody bought himself a really cool hat, and a vanilla bean frappe'. We got the word that the trip was being cut even shorter due to weather, so we didn't get to see Nauticus which has a wonderful exhibit at this time until April..Pirates!! So we were all a little upset that we couldn't stay to see Nauticus, but it was more important that everyone get home safe. SO we watched another movie at Nauticus and headed back.. so our whale watch never happened, but we all had a blast. Cody and I were so sleepy on Sunday...and why?? I ask?? Anyway I do have some los to show later...hopefully I will get them up soon. Stay tuned.Have a WONDERFUL Day. Dawn
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