Friday, January 28, 2011

On Fire....Encaustics and a Forbidden Necklace

Relax and Enjoy.....
Encaustic Painting

Forbidden I call it
Love love it!!
Copper Enamel Piece

           I am up late once again...have had a super busy week..feels like a roller coaster ride at this point....I keep yelling "hey dude....let me off" okay not really but this has been so weird with the medicine change, my BP's have been sooo high crazy...this med is just not right for me. I have been so hyper.....yesterday alone I cleaned my whole second floor top to bottom and mopped all the floors and waxed......okay do ya get the picture. I am already a busy body.......and this new medicine has not helped. But hey I have got a lot done and super fast too.
           Even with all the wild crazy cleaning I had to get my creative time in too, so last night after everyone was asleep I made the necklace. It is a piece of copper, I enameled with Thompson Enamels, which Ornamentea sells! Yes! Then using the goodies I got from put it together. I was so excited about the necklace I ran down to show Amanda..she was still awake, 17 and said here try this on...first thing she said was it is like.....I yelled out FORBIDDEN??? She said yes! Perfect...she loved it instantly. It looked so gooood on her. I opened up my Etsy store yesterday....although I have been shopping on there since 2007....I never have really had the courage to sell any of my creations, although I sold a many a many a many pieces in my ceramic/pottery days. I had a craft show every weekend , well as much as I could. So I said I can always try. I am always worried with the babies it can be hard. So we shall see, it will take me time but now is the time! So as I get moving with it....stuff will increase in the store. Don't laugh now that I have only one piece on! I move slow....
          Today was even just as crazy with the new medicine, Cody was home sick, and I would run from the studio back and forth. He is 13 but when your sick you need all the help you can get. So far the babies are good!!! I felt like playing with the encaustics today...I made this piece in like 10 is sooo much fun and I just love the colors. The bicycle is Silhouette Sd cut and the coaster is from a restaurant. The Flat Tire beer. I love how it turned out.
          Well I am getting soooo sleepy now...just maybe I can sleep tonight. Cyber Hugs, Dawn


flowerdisco said... have been doing amazing art here. i love this and the one before this and the one before

hope your meds, son and YOU feel better soon...

big hugs!

Brenda said...

wow love both your projects do such beautiful work...hope you meds get to working ok for you....

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