Saturday, February 12, 2011

A quick card using the Letterpress and a Photo of the Day

I purchased the LetterPress by LifeStyles Craft last week from a
dear friend and the other day I had came in the studio and just
wanted to play with it
within a few minutes I had done this card front
although didn't get to make the card for a few days
later. I enjoyed using the inks and plates.
I did some experimenting also just
to end up with a cracked hoo!

Cooper at the Playground

Dusty coming through the tunnel at the playground

Dusty in the tree which I thought we were gonna have to
climb to get him down.

Hello all,

   I wanted to post this morning before I headed out the door to help my husband this morning. The card is a little something I made using the LetterPress by LifeStyles Crafts. My dear friend was selling it and to help her out I bought it...and because I wanted to use one of these LetterPress.  Hubby told me the same thing you don't need that!! Then after a little while he said tell her to bring it over and he would pay!! Husbands sometimes!!! What I didn't need....we bought! Wink wink! Fun and easy....I had read some of the reviews and some folks weren't to happy with it but I had fun and was quite impressed with my first card front. You just need a tiny size of the ink and load the brayer up well, not heavy and roll unto the plate, and then press. It gives a very crisp nice impression. My friend said they sell them at AC Moore. The paper in the background is Graphic 45.
    The pictures of the boys are from Wednesday I had a meeting and after the meeting we went to the fun!! It was a nice sunny cool day. The boys could stay there all the time.  They get out of the van screaming "lets play". I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Cyber Hugs, Dawn

I wanted to share this with you too the design team I am on Say It With Letters is one of the Sponsors of this wonderful contest!! Very interesting too...I wanted to pass on the fun to you too! Be sure to check out the fun!

I have some exciting news! Say It With Letters is one of the sponsors over at the
'1 month 2 win it' site! Hot off the tails of 'So You Think You're Crafty', four of the contestants from that competition have started '1 month 2 win it', a crafting competition. You can visit the site for more details on how to enter or even just to see the projects. I'm excited to see the talents of the crafty peeps. Anyone can win it!

Do you think you can make the cut?

What is it?
One Month to Win It is a monthly craft competition that anyone can win!

How do you join?
Audition info can be found here. For Season 1 (held in March), the auditions will be on The Country Chic CottageFebruary 9th through 16th. Watch for a linky party!


The judges will pick 11 contestants from the audition and the 12th contestant (The Wild Card) will be chosen via Yep -- anyone can win this competition!

Who are the judges?
Jessica with Running with Scissors
Kalleen with At Second Street
Kirstin and Jordan with kojo designs
Wanna learn all about the judges?? Head on over here and read all about us!

Are there prizes?
Yep there will be will have to stay tuned to find out what! SIWL is one of the sponsors. :)

Ready to join in the fun?
Be sure to follow One Month To Win It to keep up with the competition! And get your projects ready to link up at the audition starting February 9th at The Country Chic Cottage! Grab a button and tell your friends! The more the merrier!


colorchic said...

Sound like a fun toy to have, your card looks great, Hubby was very nice to get it for you! What cute boys... love the photos. Thanks for visiting my sit, I'm a bit jealous you have a pizza oven... it would definitely be fun to try. Have a great weekend!

Brenda said...

ohhh I am lovin this card Dawn!!!!
and ALWAYS enjoy seeing photos of your family!!!

Micupoftea said...

The blue and white looks so crisp and pretty, Dawn! Your boys look like they are having fun...makes me want to go to the park and play! LOL

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