Wednesday, March 23, 2011

She Art Workshop and My First Attempt

She Art My Take
As you know I am always going way dark on my projects
Christy Tomlinson
A new class starts on April 11, 2011
When you sign up tell Christy I sent ya!
So much fun and you will learn alot
The quote is by Oprah Winfrey
"The best of times is now"

             Hello again, wanted to make a quick post I have a had a few tough days and wanted to share.  On Monday I went back to the dentist and had some work fun! The boy had their science projects due Tuesday. That always seems like a bunch of work for the whole family when school projects are! They had a fun time with their projects. Amanda went back to her orthopedic appt. yesterday we left early so I could get Cody his BETA induction clothes for last night, he had out grew all his "dress clothes" then we went to Wendy's and had a baked potatoe. We arrived at the doctor office fifteen minutes before the appt. well it was packed in the office, no where to sit and all the children in the office were sitting on parents laps. I was holding the two little boys and they were just becoming more rowdy by the moment.....what was only about 10 minutes seemed like an hour, lol! So I told Amanda I was going to take them back to the van and find something to do, it is a very small town and the Wal-Mart is not even a super Wal-Mart...just a tiny one.  When I got to the van, I had locked the keys in it....OMG! It was about 85 degrees and the boys we sitting on the curb, my husband being over 5 hours away called the security man for the hospital and he came to the rescue after about an hour we got in the van. I was so happy I was it was 4:00 pm and the appt. was at 2:45. We rode out to McDonald's to get dinner for the boys at home and since Cody had to go to his BETA induction I would be pressed for time, besides it was already too! Amanda called at 5:00 she was ready to be picked up. We were already waiting in the parking lot. Her news was not so good.....the Dr. said she does need this surgery and this bone stimulator....well if you read my post before this post....they said the surgery is $20,000 and the bone stimulator is $3,200. The school has only agreed to pay $2,500 of this...when it was not her fault...not to mention her career. My husband is having a meeting on I will update asap.
                On a happier garden is in full swing...I know I need to post pics. I had a blast this weekend at the altered book class (both days) and not to mention some shopping in a huge town! I got a few new stamps and the New Bo Bunny paper Time! Gorgeous papers! I have not even finished my course with Christy but I have a few more weeks to finish! Today I have made it a relax day or otherwise known as a PJ day!! WINK!!! I just needed this break to catch up on somethings my blog!! I was supposed to teach today but I had to call and tell my dear student/friend I would have to make it another day, head hung low but sometimes you just need to catch up on things in life. I hope you are having a wonderful week and enjoying some of this sweeeet spring weather. Hugs to ya! Dawn Gallop

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stuck On You Sketches 123 Blow

~123 Blow~  Cosmo Cricket, KasierKraft, My Little Shoe Box, Jillibean Soup papers used to create the lo

Blow cut on Cricut Sweet Treats Cart.
The quote is so cute.....and perfect for this whisical cheery lo
"If dandelions were hard to grow, they would be most welcome on any lawn." ~Andrew V. Mason
Oh so true!! The boys love them anywhere they are!

Fence cut with Sizzix yellow die, 123 cut from Cricut Sweet Treats Cart.
Heart punch, Uniball white pen, the tree and trunk are handcut
See Dusty ended up eating this one instead of blowing

The pictures are Dusty in May 2009 in our yard
He still loves to 123 Blow in fact he will try to beat Cooper to them
Cooper will call them daisys

Here is the sketch for this week at SOUS
Sketch by Becky Fleck

Hi everyone,

                  Yeah I know another long time Again! This time of year as I said before is soooo busy, but really this time was because the boys were so sick all last week I couldn't catch a break for nothing. Then on friday I got a call from the school at 1pm from the high school, the first thing out of the principals mouth Hello Amanda has been in an accident....I thought car at first then I knew the time...but......then she said but she is okay, the paramedics are with her now. I was thinking is she okay so why are the paramedics with her???? They said they were taking her to the hospital......okay panic time...why??? They were in weight lifting class and a 100# weight fell on her leg four foot from the leg press bar. She had a boots and they didn't remove the boot until the paramedics got there less than two minutes from the high school. I had no baby sitter, and my husband out of town. My neighbor didn't have her cell phone on...why I asked her???? She said IDK! So I went to get Cody from school and then went to the hospital...the boys were just too sick with that awful virus to carry them any where make them sicker or infect someone else. I got to the hospital and the officer from the school had stayed with her until I arrived. Thanks Officer!!! Her fibula on her right ankle had broke off, they casted her until we could see the orthopedic doc on Monday...well it is casted now until the swelling goes down but there is alot up in the air at the moment for this. She is due to leave for the Navy in July...but now she may still have to have a pin put in and not good! We have no health insurance and the school said they only have $2,500 for this kinda accident. Since Amanda had no backup plan since she sworn into the Navy last Sept. sooooooo??? Now you know why I have been absent. I have several projects done and ready to post...but as far as last week I still haven't even unloaded the pics.
                  On a much happy note I knew my lo for SOUS was due and I soooo needed to create.....after dinner on Monday I snuck to the studio and made this cute little lo...I know so different for me but I needed something easy and cheery!!! I made it within minutes and really liked it. I have always loved My Little ShoeBox such cute adorable papers. The house, flowers, and the clouds are from MLS. The cardboard
for the trunk of the tree my friend and student Nancy gave me, thanks Nancy!! The background paper is Cosmo Cricket. See above for other details. The cartridge is Sweet Treats by Cricut. There is candy this week over at head over to SOUS to find out more. The candy is giving by:
Thanks Floren!!!
Here is the candy so go to SOUS and check it out!!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I will be at altered book class all weekend it will be so nice to be with friends and relax. Cyber Hugs, Dawn Gallop

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Say It With Letters BLOOM and A Dyeing Fabric Tutorial

Bloom wooden cut-out letters from Say It With Letters
Deb sells some awesome cut-outs that are perfect for any decor
Check out the blog too!!!
Remember to LIKE Say it with Letters on Facebook too!

The supplies needed to get started.
Bloom wooden cut-outs
Procion MX Dyes
Fabric Scissors
Dusk Mask
disposable gloves
Muslin Fabric
Soda Ash
Ziploc quart size baggies (Freezer ones)
plastic spoons
plastic cups
and measuring spoons to be used only for dyeing
bucket or container to be used only for dyeing

Cut muslin with fabric scissors, then start striping making 1 1/2 "- 2"  rips
It took about 5    44" strips to each letter  I also saved a few squares for each color for any embellies
Using the newspaper and the measuring spoon just for dyeing mix cold water with I used 1/8 of teaspoon of dye mixed in the small plastic cups mixing with plastic spoons
be sure to keep the dye color with the dye bottle
sometimes the color doesn't look like the color and it can get confusing
Mix the soda ash as directed on package stirring well
Pour some of the soda ash into the Ziploc baggie and then pour on the dye
I used almost all of what you see in the cups
I was able to dye two tye dye t-shirts
with the left overs
with they came out so nice and vibrant
Now move the liquid around the fabric
keep the bag closed for 8 hours
I just left till over night
Here is all the five bags completed
Once the eight hours over I hung to dry out on the clothes line but if you hang in your studio
remember to cover the floor because it may drip
It will dye carpet or other things but does clean up well with bleach
Start wrapping the letters I would hot glue at the beginning of each strip or just overlap
Here is a close up the finished "B" I also took small strips to make some of the lollipop flowers in three sizes
Love the colors they just turned out so vibrant and fun!!

Here is a picture of the unfinished "BLOOM"
Go check them out in Deb's Etsy Store

Hello everyone,

     I have had this ready to post since last week but have been unable to get to it, busy busy times...well you already knew that......I know everyone is busy......spring is coming and so much going on this time of year. I have found that Spring and Fall are always the busiest at least for us.  I had recently took a wonderful dyeing fabric class with Janet Lasher an AMAZING artist!!!! I took the class as an online class at I do alot of my online shopping there.....some awesome goodies!  The class was much more in depth but this was my first real attempt.....I have tye-dyed a ton of stuff my whole life....I'm guessing who hasn't right???!! We would just buy the Jacquard Tye Dye kits from ACMoore which are the same dyes, this kits works so much better than others...they look professional when they are done. Just make sure you use 100% cotton or natural fabrics....linen, silk. I had a blast doing this and have even bought some buckets so I can dye larger amounts.  I hope this quick tutorial has made it easy for you dye some fabric to wrap around these adorable letters. Amanda my dd said she thought these letters would look great in a little girls room. Thanks for stopping by...and remember go see Deb.....
  I think I need to do this to one of those adorable peace signs she cute would that be???!!! Have a wonderful day!! I will be sharing this at Passionately Artistic  soooo go and check it out and spread the love!!! Cyber hugs, Dawn Gallop

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stuck On You Sketches In the Garden Mixed-Media Canvas Layout

In the Garden
Using a 12x12 canvas
and a sketch by SuePup
You can view her blog at

The picture is of Dusty in 2009, we always have a big garden and we all work in it,
I so enjoy taking pictures of the children in the garden.
I have used a Prima butterfly pick, Prima flowers, Silhouette SD for the circle, the title, and iron gate.
Skeleton leaves, 7 Gypsies , DCWV, Graphic 45, MME papers used. Basic Grey card

Martha Stewart punches, Creative Imaginations rub-ons, tags, Tim Holtz stamps,
Tattered Angels butterfly and magnify glass.
I added Artlenz to the magnify glass.
The quote is so perfect
Many things grow in the garden that were never sown there.
~Thomas Fuller, Gnomolgia 1732

Using a 12x12 primed canvas collect your supplies, and papers.
I always use Golden Paints

Apply using the Traci Bautista collage glue
I buy mine from Joann's

Apply stamps and inks

paints, drying with a heat gun

design to your liking

here was the finished canvas before papers were applied to make the layout

Ink your edges

decide how you would like to lay them
I placed the iron gate down after the first layer

Apply using adhesive and a hot glue gun for the flowers

Hello all,
Yep you know it....I just can't seem to post as much this time of year...with gardening, school projects and all the other goodies I have going on......which at this point is toooooo much!!! This week brings you the SOUS using one of Suepup's sketches....some Amazing sketches she has. be sure to check out her blog .  Every other week SOUS has a new sketch and a challenge so be sure to join us. Then every other week we have a tutorial on some amazing ideas and sure to check them out. I like to hang pictures up on the wall and thought I should do a 12x12 layout on a canvas, so I did....and since this week was the beginning of week 1 at Christy Tomlinson's She Art class. I thought well yeah perfect timing......a wonderful class a must!!!!
 Having all that inspiration running through I have put together a small tutorial to get you started on making 12x12 canvas layouts and then you can hang them or gift them. Fun and so!! You know I like texture and these are perfect for that. Not to mention painterly fun!!!!
So get those paints out and have a great time!!! Hope you have a super weekend!!! Cyber Hugs, Dawn

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