Thursday, April 21, 2011

Say It With Letters Dress Bodice for Hair Clips and Bows

Dress Bodice from Say it with Letters which trust me the photos don't do it any is SOOO GORGEOUS!
It looks just like a real dress. This is to hang on little girls walls to place their hairbows and clips.

The bodice is great to decorate in any color and style
a perfect gift for any little girl.

The tulle is shiny and soft. The ribbon is satin and the ric-rack is the Disney Tinkerbell roll.

I first lined the bodice with batting to help give it that soft look and and deminsion.
I used a hot glue gun to glue the items on. I bought everything at Wal-Mart yeah our Wal-Mart still has fabric!!

I had so much fun making this and it went together real fast.
I love the colors and the texture I can just see it hanging on my granddaughters wall.
Shhh a birthday gift for Miss Abigail!!
She will be five in June!

This bodice can be purchased at Say it With Letters also check out the Say it with Letters Blog.
       Hello again, I know as my head hangs low....I have MIA......It has been the craziest past two months. I had posted before about my 17yo dd breaking her leg (who just turned 18), well she had surgey on a Thursday in March. My oldest dd Alexis who is graduating from college calls us on her 22 birthday after we had just went to town to get her gift an hour from my house, she says " Daddy I just broke my leg" my husband was like YOUR KIDDING! No she said and we left and drove over two hours to the hospital she had broke and dislocated her leg. She had her surgey the following long story short exactly one week the two girls had surgey on their legs one right and one left! WOW! I have been trying to adjust to all this and now I feel like I have and able to add Amandas chores and duties to my list of to dos. I have been a little late with things and behind on some stuff...but I am catching up and rolling again. I of course still have had my garden going, and it looks AWESOME!! I have made 40 charms fro Inspired and 29 charms for Art and Soul. Twenty two journal pages front and back for Inspired, and 20+ ATC I have not been short on creating. Anyhoo here is a post of the bodice with details under each picture. I would love to see your version if you direct me to it. Thanks so Much!! Hope everyone has a great weekend and happy creating! Cyber Hugs, Dawn Gallop


My Creative Zone by Valerie said...

that is so it...

magicwanda said...

Dawn this is just totally AWESOME just like you! So very creative.
If I tried this I wouldn't even know where to
Big Hugs Wanda

Unknown said...

Dawn, that is so beautiful!!! You are sooooo talented!!! That would make a great class.


Unknown said...

Dawn that is so beautiful!!! You are so talented. That would make a great class!!!!


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