Friday, June 24, 2011

Stuck On You Sketches "Discover" A Layout Using the Slice Elite

Discover a Stuck On You Sketches  for the Challenge this week.
The Sketch by Liz Qualman
I have done a sketch similar before by Liz for a challenge over at Imaginisce
and won a wonderful prize package. Well I thought it was the same one...maybe I shouldn't of thought that..that is why I had three picture....LOL!
While searching for the layout I did for the sketch over at Imaginisce, I found out I was in the I Spy and did not even know it until just now!! WOW!!

Sketch by Liz Qualman

I just finished the layout in the nick of time. I had another crazy accident in my family last night, Cody jumped in the pool and some how busted Colten's head open, so we took him to the emergency room here in Florida and he received 4 staples. Bazaar......crazy bad luck here lately!!???! I was determined nothing was stopping me from getting this layout done for the team. I made it!! YEAH! Such a wonderful sketch. I brought one bag with me on vacation and was able to pull off this cute layout of Dusty back in March of 2011.  Every year when gardening/bugging/spring toys come out I could just go crazy having fun with it, and thank goodness the boys love them too!! They have so much fun just looking thru the magnify glass, finding bugs just a BONUS!! They even try to put ants in the cage.....funny funny! I was gonna name the layout Spring fever but when I found the title on the Slice Discover....perfect!!! It is on the Jungle card. All the cuts were made from the Slice. Whenever I go some where I always carry the Slice perfect for travel....stores in one bag. The papers are My Little Shoebox, always my fav! I also used Jillibean Soup always adorable! The cardstock is Bazzill. The inks are Fabrico Craft Inks, the paints are Golden fluid paints, the twine is MME. While I was making this I felt a little old school, I didn't have a paper trimmer, popdots, circle cutter large enough to cut the circle out.......I used bubblewrap for the popdots, and a saucer, and a course plain ole' funny how we get so dependent on out tools and trust me it makes things better to have them...LOL!!! Again sorry for the delay and has been a crazy year. I miss you all and wish I could be just keeping in touch and just be able to be inspired by all your wonderful talents and ideas. Have a wonderful weekend and can't wait to see your takes on the sketch. Cyber Hugs, Dawn Gallop

Friday, June 3, 2011

Stuck On You Sketches Tutorial Making a Wrought Iron Fence "Rusty" Using the Cricut Ornamental Iron Cartridge

Hello everyone it was my turn to make a tutorial for SOUS this week and I am bringing you a fabulous easy way to get RUST!!! Gather your supplies I have used the Cricut Cartridge Ornamental Iron but this technique can be used for just about anything.  Using the Triangle Crafts Sophisticated Finishes there are several brands like Modern Options (I also have this) so be on the look out for several manufactures that sell these type finish products. Here we are using the Triangle Crafts Sophisticated Finishes sold at Michael's Arts and Crafts and other art suppliers. At Michael's I have seen them in the wooden section. You will need the Iron Metallic Surfacer and the Rust Antiquing Solution. Two paint brushes any type, size depending on your project. Craft mat or wax paper. Thin chipboard I used the back of a paper pack. Masking tape and of course whatever you are gonna RUST!

Here is a photo of the supplies you will need.
and then:
First insert the cartridge, I have used the deep cut blade and housing but if using cardstock you will not need the deep cut blade. Tape the thin chipboard (a cereal box will work), to the mat securely. Insert mat setting the depth to max and multicut. Remove from mat once cut. 

                       Once on the craft mat plaint a thick coat of the Iron Metallic Surfacer on the fence

Now before the Iron Metallic Surfacer is dry begin painting with the Rust Antiquing Solution this will help to get a more RUSTY look. You can let dry completely and only have spots of rust, but I like rust so I put it on before it dries. Just a hint but the directions are on the back of the bottle, this is just what I like to do.

Allow to dry completely, I use a fan with the technique I have not used a heat gun to speed the process??? I always just make it in a step an allow to dry on its own
Now you have this amazing rusty gate that looks old and so real. If you need to for your project you can seal this with an acrylic sealer. Spray it outside in a well ventilated area if you choose to seal this. I will not for my use. Thank You and I hope you can use this super cool technique using a awesome product!! Enjoy! Dawn Gallop
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