Monday, July 4, 2011

A Copper Necklace with Enameled Bird and Happy Fouth of July

This necklace was a commisioned piece that a dear friend of mine requested I make her, I created it to match her likings.
She loved it!!

She also loves to create and loves birds and the color lime.

Hello and Happy Fourth of July!!!! We are getting so much for the fireworks, well it is only 7pm now maybe it will stop????  The boys are going crazy to do the fireworks. It was so funny my husband went to get the fireworks and OMG he was like a kid in the candy shop, he bought more than he needed to. Then this morning him and Cody rode down to the fireworks stand and bought more, I was like you got to be kidding the boys said no mom its for real!!! The ones he bought today are as tall as he is, lol!!! Dinner was great we grilled and had all the vegetables out of my garden. Well Alexis is here for the night and wants me to clean got go! HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!! Cyber Hugs, Dawn Gallop

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