Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Elmo Birthday Cake and Banner Using the Cricut and Cricut Cake and Cups Decorated with Vinyl

Elmo Cake
Dusty celebrated his 3rd birthday and of course who doesn't love Elmo?
I made this cake for his party using the 1996 Wilton Elmo Party Pan where Elmo is wearing a party hat and holding a piece of cake. Well since it was a jungle theme I changed the party hat to a safari hat. The cake piece I used the binoculars instead. Elmo was holding balloons and I put the map in the other hand. The map was cut from the Cricut Cake using the Paper Dolls cartridge cut at 2 1/2. I made all my own fondant and frosting's. The red frosting I started a week in advance increasing the intense color each day. The green leaves were all cut from Life Is A Beach cartridge at various sizes up to the 3 1/4.  The frosting tips are  16, and 72 and 2. I dyed the fondant with Leaf green from Wilton.

The animals were cut from Animal Kingdom. Too too cute!! Always love that cartridge.
I used the Wilton black food writers for the eyes and the details.

The map was cut from Paper Dolls Cartridge at 9 1/4. 

Close up of the leaves on the side they were all around cut from Life is a Beach Cartridge.

The banner was cut from the Elmo's Party Cartridge at 10.
The Sesame Street Font Cartridge was used to cut the alphas at 6 1/4.
The heads of the animals was cut at 2 3/4  using the Animal Kingdom Cartridge.
And of course the leaves Life is a Beach.

We had the party as a pool party in my backyard at our new and in making of the outdoor kitchen.

We (me and Alexis) made the cups for the party, the children loved them.
Alexis went to every Dollar General around to get enough! Love ya Lex!

We were all so pleased with the cups. Using the Elmo's Party Cartridge and vinyl.

Hello and Welcome to the Elmo Party I had for my three year old Dusty. All the details are under the pictures. Everyone had a super blast and making all the goodies for the party was just as much fun!
My daughter Crystal sent Dusty from South Korea a Robot and a Slip and Slide!!! My  cousin Josh bought him John Deere Tractor ride-on I mean like cousin of the year here!!!!! Thanks BJ, josh and Rebekkah. Dusty had so much fun i just tell you how much!!! Thanks to all my family, friends, and everyone!!!

Alexis dishing the ice cream, me cutting the cake, Abigail (my granddaughter) and Dusty having a blast!!


Micupoftea said...

Oh what fun!! Love themed parties and matching decor! The cups turned out fabulous. I have not treid cutting vinyl yet...was it difficult? How did you set the blade depth? HAPPY Birthday, Dusty!! Looks like fun was had by all :)

scrappinlil said...

Oh wow...you did a beautiful job on the cake and what a great way to celebrate. Love using vinyl.... TFS

deb said...

Adorable!!! Stevie and Bella LOVED Elmo. Awesome work with decorations. Looks like fun!

Scossie Jane said...

OMG - you have done an amazing job with that Elmo cake Dawn - exceptional, Love it.... Hugs x

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