Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Love My Nook Sewn Cover for Halloween

A cover for my Nook
the other day I decided to make a cover for my Nook and I just purchased this adorable
Halloween fabric at Joann's and thought how cute.....now my husband said get making the Christmas, LOL!
I used felt, my sewing machine and batting.

Here it is inside the cover it fit perfect.

Here is the inside that plaid fabric was such a cute perfect Halloween print
The other night we made brownies, every now and then I break down and make some sweets for the children.
Dusty had been crying to play the game like Cooper but he just was to small and was having trouble so I told him we could make brownies, he did everything from the eggs to the water and the stirring. Next thing I looked he was eating the batter, I ran to get the camera and within seconds he was just about covered in brownies. Oh well he didn't care he forgot all about the game.

He said "these brownies yummy" he added nuts, and chocolate chips. We were so glad we could finally add nuts to the brownies now that Amanda is not home, she hates nuts in things so the boys were all doing the happy dance over getting to add nuts in the brownies, after they were done cooking they had ice cream on top.....and no I didn't have any!!!

         Hope everyone is having a super week~ although it has just began. I have been so busy getting the boys ready for school, open house, supplies, etc. whew!! The two littlest boys are so wanting to go now, and to think poor Coop missed the deadline by 20 days, he was born on Sept. 20 and the deadline for K is August 31. He is so ready and wanting to go to school.  Oh well he will just have to enjoy another year with me and Dusty. Well I am off to bed...have a great week. Dawn


Micupoftea said...

Hi Dawn~ Love your Nook cover! Good going, girl~! The plaid inside is perfect. I need to sew a few projects...keeps scrapbooking fresh when I change up my hobbies a bit. I have an awesome Pfaff. What should I make? lol

FerrellGraph-x said...

Hi Dawn, I saw some of you work featured at Aussie Scrap Source. I'm hoping you will come play along in a Steampunk challenge this week at Papercraftstar.blogspot.com I'd love to see you there!
Kindest regards,

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