Friday, January 28, 2011

Putting On the Ritz Meets St. Valentine

Putting on the Ritz Meets St. Valentine

Close Up
Looks so yummy!
Note the one to the right has so many hugs and kissses (Dusty) overloaded, lol!

They just look so pretty

Go Ritz!


My Little Chefs

Chocolate Chopping

Cooper pours in the chocolate

Cooper stirs after first warming in the microwave
Look at Dusty he is wishing it is his turn

Dusty stirs the chocolate after the second 30 second warming

This is a bonus tip you can add flavoring of your choice today the boys said they wanted
to add vanilla so the did
Depending on the flavoring such as the oils only add a drop, then if you add an extract add 1/4 tsp.

Dusty adds the peanut butter they wanted to add creamy today
but we have added chunky too
your choice

Cooper adds the peanut butter
Dusty is sampling

Cooper dips away they love this
those little fingers work so well and not only are they learning
they can even count
the crackers

Cooper sprinkles on the "Ritz"

Hi bloggers,
          Yesterday I received this awesome email from a man who is the social media for Kraft foods asking if I would like to enter my "Putting on the Ritz" recipe from December Recipes. Well I was so excited I could hardly think. Could you believe that.... was in! Had to let everyone know last night too. Thanks Ritz!! Well I did enter that is posted here, so stop by and rate it!!! I already know several of the bloggers made this sweet recipe back in December because they sent me the emails....thanks everyone.
He wanted to let all the bloggers know they could enter in the wonderful contest. The Ritz Cracker Facebook Page has all the details...and guess who is the "man" Guy Fieri..yeppers!! Love love love that guy...he has two wonderful cookbooks too and you know it, I have them. I also have the dvd's from the show. We have even been to several of the diners. Last night I even saw the advertisement for the about sweeeet!!! So today to promote the contest on Facebook, I added another way to make these fabulous "Putting on the Ritz" snacks. The prize packages are AWESOME~~~We make them all year not just for the winter holidays.
Wanted to include the recipe again...jic your new to the blog.....
Putting on the Ritz2 sleeves of Ritz cracker
1 cup of peanut butter no need to measure just spread on and sandwich
1 whole bark of chocolate (white or dark)
Wilton sprinkles or choice
Chop chocolate into small pieces using a knife and place in microwave safe dish, spread peanut butter onto crackers sandwich style, melt chocolate in microwave starting at 1 minute then 30 seconds then 15 second intervals stirring between each cycle of cooking. Once melted stir well at this stage you could even add flavoring oils if you chose to...I don't on these usually but have added  peanut butter oil flavoring but really no need.  You can use candy dipping tongs but trust me your fingers work just fine and the children will like that! Now lay on tray or Parchment paper sprinkle with sprinkles of choice. Can place in freezer to harden or just sit on counter until chocolate is firm. Package for gift giving or enjoy!! Super easy!!  
The boys certainly enjoyed today and I think Coop could have eat more, but I keep them to one and a small glass of milk for their snack...they love them. So now enter you recipe...and can't wait to hear about it. Take Care and have a sweet weekend. Cyber Hugs, Dawn Gallop

On Fire....Encaustics and a Forbidden Necklace

Relax and Enjoy.....
Encaustic Painting

Forbidden I call it
Love love it!!
Copper Enamel Piece

           I am up late once again...have had a super busy week..feels like a roller coaster ride at this point....I keep yelling "hey dude....let me off" okay not really but this has been so weird with the medicine change, my BP's have been sooo high crazy...this med is just not right for me. I have been so hyper.....yesterday alone I cleaned my whole second floor top to bottom and mopped all the floors and waxed......okay do ya get the picture. I am already a busy body.......and this new medicine has not helped. But hey I have got a lot done and super fast too.
           Even with all the wild crazy cleaning I had to get my creative time in too, so last night after everyone was asleep I made the necklace. It is a piece of copper, I enameled with Thompson Enamels, which Ornamentea sells! Yes! Then using the goodies I got from put it together. I was so excited about the necklace I ran down to show Amanda..she was still awake, 17 and said here try this on...first thing she said was it is like.....I yelled out FORBIDDEN??? She said yes! Perfect...she loved it instantly. It looked so gooood on her. I opened up my Etsy store yesterday....although I have been shopping on there since 2007....I never have really had the courage to sell any of my creations, although I sold a many a many a many pieces in my ceramic/pottery days. I had a craft show every weekend , well as much as I could. So I said I can always try. I am always worried with the babies it can be hard. So we shall see, it will take me time but now is the time! So as I get moving with it....stuff will increase in the store. Don't laugh now that I have only one piece on! I move slow....
          Today was even just as crazy with the new medicine, Cody was home sick, and I would run from the studio back and forth. He is 13 but when your sick you need all the help you can get. So far the babies are good!!! I felt like playing with the encaustics today...I made this piece in like 10 is sooo much fun and I just love the colors. The bicycle is Silhouette Sd cut and the coaster is from a restaurant. The Flat Tire beer. I love how it turned out.
          Well I am getting soooo sleepy now...just maybe I can sleep tonight. Cyber Hugs, Dawn

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

~Timeless~ a Layout Using Basic Grey and Found Objects

A father and a son are Timeless from the beginning of time till the end of time.
Used the Donna Salazar it! (that has made my distressing so EASY)
I have used alcohol ink mixed throughout
The frame Timeless Moments was in this months Swirlydoos by TPC
Look at the hot air balloon my hubby picked up for me from Ornamentea
I even used this awesome new tool Beverly bought for me
The We R Memory Keepers Heart Distress tool

The rub-ons are Creative Imaginations Karen Russell
the film is Tim Holtz
The birds are cut from Silhouette SD
I sewed on the paper with a jean needle and my Janome Sewing Machine

The balloon is from and note the found rusty nail
and the rusty piece of metal

The Papers are Basic Grey Curio
The journal pieces are cut from nickel and stamped
Note the balloon masks

Title cut from Co'redinations Paper using the Silhouette SD some shapes I welded together
the spiral is wire

Stamp By Stampers Anonymous
Photo altered

Flourish welded together in Silhouette SD
The small clocks are old faces from found objects
The large clock is a Blue Moon charm

          Hello again, sorry it has been awhile since I was able to post anything.....we finished up the school history day project and he took it in on Friday. It took us so long and I would get so bored helping, I know right! I had to learn just as much.....if not way more it seemed....and as the project mom I have!!! Amanda, me and Cody both worked a solid week on it and even more in just bits and pieces...I have pictures so I do hope to post asap. My computer photo card reader is I am only loading up the bare minimum at the present.
          Saturday I had a most wonderful time, I was in an art class all day and when my hubby picked me up he took to a romantic dinner...what a wonderful day. Sunday I did some afternoon cleaning and we went to the Bj's and picked up snacks for the school lunch......Monday I spent the morning with the boys at my blood pressure Dr. and my oh my was that craZY!! lol! She said my bp was not staying consistant and wanted to try me on another type med......YUK! I hate switching it is awful....not knowing the side effects and the with drawls (they say there are none) yeah....right! I have been feeling weird all day! I just feel edgy so we shall see.
            I had started on this lo while working on the "famous hx project" like I said I got bored at times...would quit and wonder into the Narnia of scrap topia......all where this project began. I was playing with the photo and wanted to see if I add this???? or this???oh yeah I was so liking it! The pic just felt so old fashioned and I just knew the Basic Grey Curio Collection was the perfect paper and it is! I love this line!
I just had such a great time with this know I love to distress! I better run I have been working on this post since around 4 pm today.....the boys had so much homework. I made a quick dinner but I tell ya no matter how quick, clean up takes foreverrrrrrr! LOL!!! Have an awesome week! Cyber Hugs, Dawn

MAKE SURE you note that I have a new web address now it is
I went ahead and did the dot com now when someone ask me about my blog it will be so easy!
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