Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Photos Of the Day Here

Cooper taken today Feb. 01, 2011


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Rescue Hero Boots Dusty wears every chance he gets, when he first got them
he would wear them inside all day long...and even in his pj's

Cooper is always giving me silly smiles if he knows the camera is on him

This is how I spent my afternoon, it warmed up to about 50 something and the sunshine felt awesome!

Boomer enjoyed the outdoors too

The boys go from one bike to another love the color in this one

Dusty loves to swing and when it stops, push momma
push momma! Love it!

I was pushing Coop at the time and Dusty saying push momma!

You can just see the enjoyment Cooper is having

I just loved this one too

This was my favorite picture of the day
his boots are on backwards (he put them on himself)
he is smiling and having a fun time

              Just thought I would show a few pictures I took today. I decided since it was turning off to be a nice cool day I would take the boys outside for a little while, I thought I would read and catch up on my class but I was wrong...lol! I ended up pushing then on the swing and practicing some shots all in manual. We had a blast and enjoyed the warmth of the sun. I also had a exciting morning when I found out I won the challenge over at Imaginisce Blog......WOW!! I was so excited to find out!! Thanks again Imaginisce!! You guys ROCK!! Oh yeah I do have this for sale at Etsy http://www.etsy.com/listing/66771694/upcycled-princess-wall-hanging-pink Well better go......have laundry to fold and a few projects to finish up. Hope you have an art filled day!! Cyber Hugs, Dawn Gallop

Imaginisce Blog: Sweet Treats February Challenge

Imaginisce Blog: Sweet Treats February Challenge: "Another month brings with it another challenge, but before we find out what's instore for February we need to announce the winner of the Jan..."

Check this out....WOOOO HOOOOO!!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Class started today with Karen Russell

Today began my class with Karen Russell SnapShots of a Good Life I have been waiting for a year to get in the class. I had found out at the Rusty Pickle retreat in Utah about this awesome class by Kim Garner. Thanks Kim!!! That was in November 2009, well I was able to sign up November 2010 and today begins the first class. I have already learned some valuable info. yeah in just a few hours and want to share these pics tonight shot just playing around. Oh course my subject was fast at moving....lol!

Dusty peeping around the pantry door, the flash was used in this one

Raw shot and no flash, I love this one.
I will try to continue to share as I get better...wink! Hope everyone has a fabulous week. Cyber Hugs, Dawn

Sunday, January 30, 2011

An Etched Copper Bracelet and an End to a Decade at All About Scrapbooks

Etched Copper Bracelet and Paper Beads
Beads made from Websters Pages

Close Up of Etching

The gang that was invited to the closing
some of these ladies were the "original"

Pic with Bob and Rogene

Nancy and her stool
she would sit on this stool every time she was in the store
the gang signed it and gave it to her
very emotional moment
We all love ya Nancy!

Now you can sit on this "famous Nancy stool" forever!!

Bob and Nancy

Of course good eats
Had a sweet time despite the tears

Tara who has worked here since the beginning
We will all miss Tara, Bob, Rogene, and the rest of the gang

The end of the sign forever


         Hi all it has been a busy one....starting with the Friday night store closing closings, such a sad sad evening.  My journey with All About Scrapbooks began in the early 2000 I would go in to buy my papers for my altered arts and cards. I was not a scrapbook just a stamper and would use the papers in my arts. I continued to shop until the end...yeah I even spent money there on Friday night.......We will all miss this wonderful place to shop, share ideas, make friends, and just relax.  This particular location has been open for over 12 1/2 years. Bob and Rogene have had three scrapbook stores in the area and this was the last one. Bob and Rogene feel it is time to enjoy their family even more, they are expecting a grandchild.
        I had began teaching at the store in February of last year right after Rusty Pickle closed their doors. I am now just waiting for the next door to open. I will miss teaching at the store most of all I have meet some wonderful beautiful people along the way. Several of these friendships of become very strong and meaningful. As the decade ends I only hope and wish the best for Bob, Rogene, and Tara....and the many others that the store closing will impact. Thanks so much Bob and Rogene! Weeepy eyed......
        A little on the bracelet it is a etched copper bracelet and the beads are hand made paper beads using the Webster Pages papers. I also sprayed them with a shine sealer. I love fisheys and of course anything beachy...hope you like it. I buy all my jewelry supplies at Ornamentea.com . Have a wonderful week and cyber hugs, Dawn Gallop
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