Wednesday, March 23, 2011

She Art Workshop and My First Attempt

She Art My Take
As you know I am always going way dark on my projects
Christy Tomlinson
A new class starts on April 11, 2011
When you sign up tell Christy I sent ya!
So much fun and you will learn alot
The quote is by Oprah Winfrey
"The best of times is now"

             Hello again, wanted to make a quick post I have a had a few tough days and wanted to share.  On Monday I went back to the dentist and had some work fun! The boy had their science projects due Tuesday. That always seems like a bunch of work for the whole family when school projects are! They had a fun time with their projects. Amanda went back to her orthopedic appt. yesterday we left early so I could get Cody his BETA induction clothes for last night, he had out grew all his "dress clothes" then we went to Wendy's and had a baked potatoe. We arrived at the doctor office fifteen minutes before the appt. well it was packed in the office, no where to sit and all the children in the office were sitting on parents laps. I was holding the two little boys and they were just becoming more rowdy by the moment.....what was only about 10 minutes seemed like an hour, lol! So I told Amanda I was going to take them back to the van and find something to do, it is a very small town and the Wal-Mart is not even a super Wal-Mart...just a tiny one.  When I got to the van, I had locked the keys in it....OMG! It was about 85 degrees and the boys we sitting on the curb, my husband being over 5 hours away called the security man for the hospital and he came to the rescue after about an hour we got in the van. I was so happy I was it was 4:00 pm and the appt. was at 2:45. We rode out to McDonald's to get dinner for the boys at home and since Cody had to go to his BETA induction I would be pressed for time, besides it was already too! Amanda called at 5:00 she was ready to be picked up. We were already waiting in the parking lot. Her news was not so good.....the Dr. said she does need this surgery and this bone stimulator....well if you read my post before this post....they said the surgery is $20,000 and the bone stimulator is $3,200. The school has only agreed to pay $2,500 of this...when it was not her fault...not to mention her career. My husband is having a meeting on I will update asap.
                On a happier garden is in full swing...I know I need to post pics. I had a blast this weekend at the altered book class (both days) and not to mention some shopping in a huge town! I got a few new stamps and the New Bo Bunny paper Time! Gorgeous papers! I have not even finished my course with Christy but I have a few more weeks to finish! Today I have made it a relax day or otherwise known as a PJ day!! WINK!!! I just needed this break to catch up on somethings my blog!! I was supposed to teach today but I had to call and tell my dear student/friend I would have to make it another day, head hung low but sometimes you just need to catch up on things in life. I hope you are having a wonderful week and enjoying some of this sweeeet spring weather. Hugs to ya! Dawn Gallop
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