Monday, May 21, 2012

Free Or Caged Necklace Using Ice Resin, Solder and Metal.

Free or Caged? Necklace made from brass and copper, soldered and Ice Resin placed inside the bezel. Copper wire and beads.

The beads are various ones mostly all gave to me.

Here is the full length of the chain with the clasp.

Here is a close up of the image giving to me by Jen Crossley at her class that I took at Art And Soul Retreats and all the knowledge to make these bezels which I have went to town on (time permitting) see pic below to understand that meaning, LOL!

Here are my nine of pride, Crystal age 22, Dusty age 3, Cooper age 5, Amanda age 19, Cody age 14, Colby age 8, Bruce Jr. age 25, Colten age 10, Alexis age 23. WOW!

Another one of my poppies from my garden.....altered on my IPhone!

Yep, you guessed it another altered on my IPhone its the Wright Brothers National Memorial In Kill Devil Hills NC.

We spend alot of time at the beach, LOVE IT! Colten, Dusty, Alexis, Coop and Colby....and a must at the beach Coppertone Water Babies! LOL!

From my garden. Beautiful!

Here is the charm bracelet I made that I soldered the rings together and put all the charms on from the Art And Soul retreat. Mine is the little lady with the hat soldered with glass.

The journal page I made using the cards from the ladies in the journal swap. FUN FUN!! The pic refuses to turn right way????

Ending this post with some more of my canning strawberry jam...there was more than this but this pic was in my phone! Love to can some goodies!
Hope everyone in blog land is doing SUPER!!! I had a weekend at the beach and it was cold and some rain...but it was relaxing and all good! Gonna catch up on my laundry today and try to paint...I'm in a painting mood! Hugs to all! Dawn Gallop

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Leaves of Change a Necklace using Ice Resin, Enamels, Roll Mill, and Solder.

A Soldered bezel using brass and copper. Leaves of Change I call it. The copper was sent thru the roll mill using a fossilized leaf (see background) then solder piled around the bezel and stamped into. The enameled leaves are made using Barbara Lewis technique. The beads on the wire are also the Painting With Fire Technique  see pic below. I have had a ball making these and she will be offering an online workshop a must! See her Blog. All the pics in this post were taken with the IPhone!!!

The copper disc I cut myself and formed, stamped in the copper with tiny metal stamps "of Change" You can also note the roll mill close up and the beads.

Here is the design I used and some of these beads were giving to me by my dear friend Nancy, I don't have many beads since I have really have not been beading, I have had a few classes on it and made plenty of beaded things with the kids, but note the enameled it!!! Also those walnut beads...lovely!

Just another view playing around with the IPhone the timbers are from my garden, which I use raised beds.

Photographing jewelry is something I will need to learn. Note those gorgeous Painting With Fire Beads.

In my garden, the boys spotted it and it was soooo darn cute. Dusty says "why is the tatapillar not turning into a butterfly?" Coop says "cause he has to go into a tatcoon" I love it!!! Out of the mouth of babes! IPhone!

More pics of another caterpillar on my May Peas! Yikes!

Working on another watercolor while the boys sleeping, at 6 am! I Love morning glories.

This is Alexis my oldest daughter with Coop and Dusty at the beach. Love this pic!

At the sound Dusty climbed up there himself...too cute! IPhone!

Colby at the beach they buried him in the sand (away from the water) and what fun they had. Too flippin cute!

I received these roses from my wonderful daughter Crystal who is Kentucky for Mother's Day!! Just beautiful!!! Love them! Thanks!

The boys went to Laser Tag this weekend, whew I didn't have a chance! LOL!

Halftone App gotta love it, turns the pics into comics! Love it!

One of my poppies in my garden. Gorgeous!!!
Just wanted to update the blog again. Gonna go work in the garden now and finish up the greenhouse....only have the cilantro to move out and then I will close up the greenhouse until next early early springtime. Hope everyone is doing awesome and enjoying the warmer weather, I know I have. Coop will be getting off his cast in a few more weeks and he says he wants to go to the beach!!! I told him we will! Hugs to all! Get your ART on!! Dawn Gallop

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Say It With Letters "A Day in Paris" The Eiffel Tower

Say It With Letters Eiffel Tower.  Soldered and patina-ed with Novacan Black. Rhinstones added and a heart of La Bonne Vie in French means the good life which I purchased from Gaby'sChicCreations . The dove on top is copper covered with solder. The box I made and covered with glass I cut myself. The images are from Etsy 1x1 digital collages I purchased from InMyCedarChest at Etsy. The tiny vespa also came from Gaby's Chic Creations, see link above. Everyone needs a Vespa to ride around Paris in right? LOL!!! I love how the whole thing how it turned out, I even took it to my TAG (Tidewater Artist Group) to show them. They all loved it. I added a few Photoshop Brushes and had some fun with editing.

Here is a little close up of the Vespa and the box, the key with heart if from Gaby's Chic Creations see link above. I used nickel silver cut and then metal stamped the word amore for love. I so enjoyed making it and I was excited about it finished on April 13, 2012 and was going to post shortly after and Cooper broke his right arm on Friday the 13th and had surgery the next morning with three pins soooo here is the post now.

Black and white version to see the patina. See link above for Novacan.  

Few more close ups to see the details and the solder.

Here is a little charm I made for my neighbor.

These were the tags I made to trade at Art & Soul I made 20 different ones like this. Some of the trades were fabulous. The mixed media house tags everyone loved.

Hope everyone is doing great in blog land. I made a beautiful necklace yesterday I hope to post soon, and a few watercolors also. We have been to the beach three times already and the boys are enjoying it. Coop with his cast has played in the water with a bag, lol! He doesn't mind at all but can't wait to take it off. He even ask if we can go to the beach when he gets his cast off. I have had computer issues it seems the Microsoft updates are not taking effect and the computer is just my husband says he is going to buy me an Apple!!! YES!! Finally! I have been after one of them for years.....I had some really good pics I wanted to show you but until I get my computer fixed whaaaa! My garden is coming along too!! SO excited about the upcoming season. Hugs to all!!! Take care in blog land!! Dawn Gallop

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Say It With Letter's Mosaic Seahorse And A Few Catch-Ups

Say It With Letters Seahorse using mosaic glass pieces that I cut with a wheeled glass nippers from Delphi and Weldbond glue and mosaic glass all found HERE. The grout was added after the glass pieces were down then dried wiping the extra grout off of the glass. Then I sprayed the piece with clear gloss sealer. The shells in the eye and fin are real finds from the beach. I so enjoyed making this and it is so easy and fun. You could use any of the Say It With Letters cut-outs to make mosaics with. Fun Fun Fun!!

Here you can see some of the shine from the sealer and the opalescence of the glass.

The grout was a mix of a gray and white to get the tan...IDK but it worked!!! LOL!

Here is where you can purchase one of these seahorses to make it a DIY at Say It With Letters

Here is some more things I have been working on 1x3 soldered charms or pendents. Using mixed media collage digital printouts I purchased from Etsy.

This is one of the charms I made for the Art & Soul Retreat I made 14 of them all just a little different the theme is Putting On The Ritz which was perfect! The digital ATC card and 1x1 print are from Etsy and even the bling music charm. I soldered the charms too.

Here is a melted record that me and my dear friend Nancy made together for her friends 50th birthday, I cut everything from the Silhouette Cameo and made the pom poms from yarn using my fabulous favorite pom pom makers from Clover. I have a tutorial HERE.

Ok now here is one of my favorite things to do too lol, tooooo many hobbies!! LOL! I made homemade fresh pear preserves which I made a tutorial for and hope to get it up soon. Since then I have done strawberry jam too as I do every year.

More charms I participated in the Lucky Charm 7 at Ornamentea  I received back a whole new 7 from 7 other artist from around the world, and some very famous ones too!!! Love it!!! You can see some of the post at the Ornamentea Blog where Cynthia will keep you looking and looking for hours so be prepared!! LOL! I soldered these and bought the digital cutouts from Etsy at Masterpiecedesigns and the charms from WineCharms on Etsy. Fun fun fun!!

As if you didn't know photography has been a lifetime hobby of joke I have always had a camera and sometimes you would really laugh at the ones I had but like they say the best camera is the one in your hands!!!! Sooooo true!  I took this with my IPhone which is always in my hand, lol! I do put it down to create but every since I have had it I have been fascinated with all the photography apps, cant get enough and continue to play with them always....this was taken in the regular IPhone camera and edited in Instagram with a filter. I love it not only was it on my person while in the garden (which is some of my wild flowers) I was able to capture this wonderful butterfly flying by....simply  BEAUTIFUL!!!

This is the inside of my garden shed/metal shop (if ya saw it now it is a mess) I have several jewelry projects going on right now and as the ugg I am all migrated! I finally moved the metal shop from my third floor studio which took up one small room up there now I have even more room....LOOKOUT!!!!

Dusty has been enjoying the springtime with bubbles, IDK if I enjoy them more than them. He is getting big he will be four in July. WOW!!

The bubble guns are soooo much fun, the boys will play with them for hours.

Cooper will start school this year, yep I know I can't believe it either....already!!! He had his Kindergarten preview this past month. He is excited!! He will be six in September.

It has been awhile I know but you know I just have tooooo much to do and every time I do get on the computer I either window shop or just stay on Pinterest, or start editing then it is too late to do the blog, I know my head hung low....I also have more exciting news from ArtBliss, which I will share in my next post. Another unbelievable thing has happened too..........both my boys had broken arms....yep Colten who is 10 broke his March 31 in Maryland ice skating, he just got the cast off yesterday. Cooper broke his on Friday the 13th ( I know right) of April and had surgery and three pins.....he is still in his cast. So I have been running back and forth with doctor appts....for myself and them. My stuff was just routine things...but it really consumes alot of time. Well hope everyone is doing well and ready for the summer because I am!!!!!!!!

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