Monday, May 21, 2012

Free Or Caged Necklace Using Ice Resin, Solder and Metal.

Free or Caged? Necklace made from brass and copper, soldered and Ice Resin placed inside the bezel. Copper wire and beads.

The beads are various ones mostly all gave to me.

Here is the full length of the chain with the clasp.

Here is a close up of the image giving to me by Jen Crossley at her class that I took at Art And Soul Retreats and all the knowledge to make these bezels which I have went to town on (time permitting) see pic below to understand that meaning, LOL!

Here are my nine of pride, Crystal age 22, Dusty age 3, Cooper age 5, Amanda age 19, Cody age 14, Colby age 8, Bruce Jr. age 25, Colten age 10, Alexis age 23. WOW!

Another one of my poppies from my garden.....altered on my IPhone!

Yep, you guessed it another altered on my IPhone its the Wright Brothers National Memorial In Kill Devil Hills NC.

We spend alot of time at the beach, LOVE IT! Colten, Dusty, Alexis, Coop and Colby....and a must at the beach Coppertone Water Babies! LOL!

From my garden. Beautiful!

Here is the charm bracelet I made that I soldered the rings together and put all the charms on from the Art And Soul retreat. Mine is the little lady with the hat soldered with glass.

The journal page I made using the cards from the ladies in the journal swap. FUN FUN!! The pic refuses to turn right way????

Ending this post with some more of my canning strawberry jam...there was more than this but this pic was in my phone! Love to can some goodies!
Hope everyone in blog land is doing SUPER!!! I had a weekend at the beach and it was cold and some rain...but it was relaxing and all good! Gonna catch up on my laundry today and try to paint...I'm in a painting mood! Hugs to all! Dawn Gallop


Chris said...

Hiya Dawn! Long time no speak :( but what a fantastic post this is and my goodness how much your family is growing up.

Love the necklace you made, so artsy, gorgeous and just the kind of thing that I would buy, it's beautiful.

Your homemade jam looks fantastic too, I always mean to make some every summer but never have and I do love homemade jam. Take care sweetie and have a good week.

Jen Crossley said...

Love Love your necklace Dawn it turned out awesome,so lovely to meet you and your family hope we meet again.Now I can stalk you on your blog

LaurieStar said...

Hi Dawn -

Wow - I love all the jewelry you are creating! Beautiful! And all those kids of yours are pretty beautiful too! Have a great day! :)

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