Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Leaves of Change a Necklace using Ice Resin, Enamels, Roll Mill, and Solder.

A Soldered bezel using brass and copper. Leaves of Change I call it. The copper was sent thru the roll mill using a fossilized leaf (see background) then solder piled around the bezel and stamped into. The enameled leaves are made using Barbara Lewis technique. The beads on the wire are also the Painting With Fire Technique  see pic below. I have had a ball making these and she will be offering an online workshop a must! See her Blog. All the pics in this post were taken with the IPhone!!!

The copper disc I cut myself and formed, stamped in the copper with tiny metal stamps "of Change" You can also note the roll mill close up and the beads.

Here is the design I used and some of these beads were giving to me by my dear friend Nancy, I don't have many beads since I have really have not been beading, I have had a few classes on it and made plenty of beaded things with the kids, but note the enameled it!!! Also those walnut beads...lovely!

Just another view playing around with the IPhone the timbers are from my garden, which I use raised beds.

Photographing jewelry is something I will need to learn. Note those gorgeous Painting With Fire Beads.

In my garden, the boys spotted it and it was soooo darn cute. Dusty says "why is the tatapillar not turning into a butterfly?" Coop says "cause he has to go into a tatcoon" I love it!!! Out of the mouth of babes! IPhone!

More pics of another caterpillar on my May Peas! Yikes!

Working on another watercolor while the boys sleeping, at 6 am! I Love morning glories.

This is Alexis my oldest daughter with Coop and Dusty at the beach. Love this pic!

At the sound Dusty climbed up there himself...too cute! IPhone!

Colby at the beach they buried him in the sand (away from the water) and what fun they had. Too flippin cute!

I received these roses from my wonderful daughter Crystal who is Kentucky for Mother's Day!! Just beautiful!!! Love them! Thanks!

The boys went to Laser Tag this weekend, whew I didn't have a chance! LOL!

Halftone App gotta love it, turns the pics into comics! Love it!

One of my poppies in my garden. Gorgeous!!!
Just wanted to update the blog again. Gonna go work in the garden now and finish up the greenhouse....only have the cilantro to move out and then I will close up the greenhouse until next early early springtime. Hope everyone is doing awesome and enjoying the warmer weather, I know I have. Coop will be getting off his cast in a few more weeks and he says he wants to go to the beach!!! I told him we will! Hugs to all! Get your ART on!! Dawn Gallop

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deb said...

Wow - your work amazes me, Dawn! Gorgeous. And love the sweet family pics too!

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