Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Say It With Letters "A Day in Paris" The Eiffel Tower

Say It With Letters Eiffel Tower.  Soldered and patina-ed with Novacan Black. Rhinstones added and a heart of La Bonne Vie in French means the good life which I purchased from Gaby'sChicCreations . The dove on top is copper covered with solder. The box I made and covered with glass I cut myself. The images are from Etsy 1x1 digital collages I purchased from InMyCedarChest at Etsy. The tiny vespa also came from Gaby's Chic Creations, see link above. Everyone needs a Vespa to ride around Paris in right? LOL!!! I love how the whole thing how it turned out, I even took it to my TAG (Tidewater Artist Group) to show them. They all loved it. I added a few Photoshop Brushes and had some fun with editing.

Here is a little close up of the Vespa and the box, the key with heart if from Gaby's Chic Creations see link above. I used nickel silver cut and then metal stamped the word amore for love. I so enjoyed making it and I was excited about it finished on April 13, 2012 and was going to post shortly after and Cooper broke his right arm on Friday the 13th and had surgery the next morning with three pins soooo here is the post now.

Black and white version to see the patina. See link above for Novacan.  

Few more close ups to see the details and the solder.

Here is a little charm I made for my neighbor.

These were the tags I made to trade at Art & Soul I made 20 different ones like this. Some of the trades were fabulous. The mixed media house tags everyone loved.

Hope everyone is doing great in blog land. I made a beautiful necklace yesterday I hope to post soon, and a few watercolors also. We have been to the beach three times already and the boys are enjoying it. Coop with his cast has played in the water with a bag, lol! He doesn't mind at all but can't wait to take it off. He even ask if we can go to the beach when he gets his cast off. I have had computer issues it seems the Microsoft updates are not taking effect and the computer is just ill....so my husband says he is going to buy me an Apple!!! YES!! Finally! I have been after one of them for years.....I had some really good pics I wanted to show you but until I get my computer fixed whaaaa! My garden is coming along too!! SO excited about the upcoming season. Hugs to all!!! Take care in blog land!! Dawn Gallop


Jen Crossley said...

Love the eiffel tower Dawn my birthday is next month Hint hint LOL.

LaurieStar said...

Just gorgeous! I love that little tag!

Greg Day said...

This is awesome. I've been into surfing some art works and art pieces in the internet lately. And this eiffel tower really got my attention. I am also looking forward some fused art glass like this http://www.helenrudyglass.com/art-glass-lamps.php

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