Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oh How I LOVE Summer!!

A Bottle Tree that I decorated the bottles using Alcohol Inks and Mod Podge Out Door. A great way to recycle and enjoy some yard art.

Summer days on the patio and enjoying our outdoor kitchen. Note the boys Big Wheels...oh the fun they have on them!!!
The boys get to cook in the kitchen and enjoy the evening........

Early morning haircuts......

Days swimming in the pool.....Coop loves this!

Colten and Cody love it too!!! Well who doesn't!!

Dusty loves playing around the pool.

Hanging your laundry out....

Making art by the pool

Making charms from seaside finds.....

Swimming and playing at the beach.....

 Dusty LOVES the beach...he wants to go everyday!!!

Crystal coming to visit.......

Walking on the pier.....

Getting the Wilton Year Book every summer....

BABIES!!! Yep that's right my second daughter Crystal is having a baby girl due Dec. 06, 2012.

This is our parking lot scrapbook page lol!!! This is how we announced the baby!!


More Sunsets!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer too!
Cyber Hugs, Dawn Gallop

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hello Again...... Been Making Wire Wrapped Sea Glass

Well in July I will be teaching a quick class on making charms, I will be sharing some time with other ladies who will be teaching had to make something QUICK! So easy peasy wire wrapped charms is one of the charms I will be teaching. I also have two more....more on that later! These are actual sea glass I have found down at Kill Devil Hills, NC. I have spent my whole life looking for these pieces of glass and have a lot!! I always manage to find at least one piece each visit...even though it has almost become impossible to find anymore.

I have even used shells I have found on the beach and sea pebbles. Now the one with the white and teal is one I fused in the kiln.

How cool is this...its in the shape of South Carolina!!  I was digging for charms and the palm tree how perfect!

Another dark brown (beer bottle I'm sure) piece

Just another view of some of the charms.

As I have told you before I'm addicted to INSTAGRAM you can follow me on the link on the sidebar of my blog or go to search stampmom9 or Dawn Gallop. So most of pics anymore are Instagram pictures all on my if you don't always have that......well here lately the boys seem to always have mine...they will even run the battery down till it plain just dies!!! They love the games...they will even do it to my IPad...I don't have a chance. ANYWAY on this picture of my garden building which my garden has been doing fair this year...I have had a run in with some kinda insect issue...I try to be as organic as possible but I swear this has been the worst it's some kinda squash has attacked all my squash and zucchini??? In the pic is my cucumbers and squash beds. This pic is about a month old.....

I put in a pond this year on my back patio, I had a pond at my old house and this has been on my list to do since I moved here...and finally accomplished!! YEAH!!! Its a work in progress but at least I can enjoy now. The turtle and the fountain are working.

I just love the little pond so much enjoyment and the little turtle oh too cute! I need some Koi like I had at the other house......

This is a pure Hipstamatic pic of one of my sunflowers in my garden with a bee on it...oh so magical! I love sunflowers.

The center of one of my flowers....I tell you I have had so much fun with my IPhone....LOL!!! Such a beautiful shade of pink.

I had a ton of fresh May peas this year and they were oh so delicious. Bruce and I took turns shucking/shelling them.

This is a close up of my fern on the corner of my garden shed...using the macro lens of my IPhone yes....I have one and I purchased at PHOTOJOJO and you know what I ordered the IPhone scuba skin and I expect it to arrive today!!! Sweeeet! Beach and pool pics in the water!!!! YEP!!!! I'm there!

Coop holding all the carrots we pulled from our garden this year. I had to make room for the gourds so we pulled and they have been oh so yummy!!! Now that's fresh!!

Colten enjoying the pool, everyday I take them out to the pool.....they just love it...the water is so cool and refreshing on these hot June days. Check out the snorkel gear he that lime green!

Another fun pic from my IPhone love the bubble! Dusty enjoying his times at the beach, we try to go as much as possible.

I have been working on Dusty's party, his theme this year is guessed it! SHARKS!!! I have been making these towels for him and his guest.

Here is one I did with my IPhone looking at the sun! LOVE IT!! Its like adding a digital washi tape to your pics....tooo flippin cool! I hope you too have a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!! Hugs, Dawn Gallop

Friday, June 15, 2012

A Little This and A Little That........

I have been so into making these succulent wreaths lately....well this one took foreverrrr it seemed. It really takes a lot and this is a 13" wreath. Whew! That's a lot of succulents!

Here is small wreath I did 8" they are just soooo beautiful!

Here I took Dusty's old size 5 winter boots and turned them into a succulent planter. They are thriving!

Here we have been going to the beach like every weekend......the pic is recent but using the Hipstamatic Camera on my IPhone. Cody and Cooper.

Dusty is just toooo cute! He loves the boogie board.

Yep my the pier....we have been going fishing too! FUN!

Talk about adding Washi tape to the style! Love it!

Here is the wonderful bag and goodies I received in the mail from ArtBliss Workshops there is still time to sign up!!! Hint Hint!!!

I have this for sale in my ETSY store.....Go HERE

Just some fun pics of the boys at the beach...these are all taken with my IPhone...every pic on this post!

Cooper got his cast off FINALLY! He is finally getting to use his arm now.

This is the best news of them all!!!!! I got a new car....WOW! I have only had two new cars my whole life....and my husband surprised me with this on Tuesday. I have been wishing for one for a long time....and he kept it a secret and he done good! I didn't even know a thing about it! Surprise Surprise. I love it! A 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser!!! I'm still in shock over it!!! Is is real???? All I do is want to ride now...LOL!!! I took the boys to see Madagascar 3 which was excellent on Wednesday night in the ride!
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