Friday, June 15, 2012

A Little This and A Little That........

I have been so into making these succulent wreaths lately....well this one took foreverrrr it seemed. It really takes a lot and this is a 13" wreath. Whew! That's a lot of succulents!

Here is small wreath I did 8" they are just soooo beautiful!

Here I took Dusty's old size 5 winter boots and turned them into a succulent planter. They are thriving!

Here we have been going to the beach like every weekend......the pic is recent but using the Hipstamatic Camera on my IPhone. Cody and Cooper.

Dusty is just toooo cute! He loves the boogie board.

Yep my the pier....we have been going fishing too! FUN!

Talk about adding Washi tape to the style! Love it!

Here is the wonderful bag and goodies I received in the mail from ArtBliss Workshops there is still time to sign up!!! Hint Hint!!!

I have this for sale in my ETSY store.....Go HERE

Just some fun pics of the boys at the beach...these are all taken with my IPhone...every pic on this post!

Cooper got his cast off FINALLY! He is finally getting to use his arm now.

This is the best news of them all!!!!! I got a new car....WOW! I have only had two new cars my whole life....and my husband surprised me with this on Tuesday. I have been wishing for one for a long time....and he kept it a secret and he done good! I didn't even know a thing about it! Surprise Surprise. I love it! A 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser!!! I'm still in shock over it!!! Is is real???? All I do is want to ride now...LOL!!! I took the boys to see Madagascar 3 which was excellent on Wednesday night in the ride!


Micupoftea said...

New car? woohooo! SO fun! Great surprise. I sold my car last Fall when my daughter started college, and bought a safe new car for her. When she graduates in 2015 I will get a car for me. Right now all $$ is going to pay for tuition and books! lol~ Fun pics, love going to the beach too. Happy Father's Day :)

Jen Crossley said...

Boy you make me feel slack your work is just awesome Dawn love the wreaths.The boys photos are so cool

Carol Dee, CZT said...

Your wreaths are beautiful! And the boots, too! You've even got pretty feet! I'm not into the green polish but you can pull it off, kiddo!

Wish we lived closer so we could hang out!

Love you like a sister!
Carol <><

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