Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Fun with the Hamilton Beach Fast Pop Maker and Recipe!

Here Dusty is enjoying these pops! The boys loved the yummy Popsicles as they said! Talk about fresh and healthy! This is sooo simple!! Probably the easiest recipe everrrr! LOL!

Look how perfect they came out, It made six pops but I could have got more,but I had ran out of the strawberries. Thanks Hamilton Beach!! We LOVE it!

I used my Vitamix and one pack of strawberries.

Okay IDK what happened to this pic...but its all I had using a slow blend slowly blend up the strawberries, I didn't add anything else. No sugar, no water, nothing just PURE strawberries. Talk about YUM!

The puree should look like this.

I put the Hamilton Beach Fast Pop in my deep freezer which I keep at -3 degrees I froze it over night. Make sure you freeze it level!! Then that afternoon we made pops. See the middle one is the PERFECT fill. Allow to sit for about 9-11 minutes and use the tool (pop removal tool)that comes with the fast pop maker. Stick in through the handle and and turn.....the raised area on the tool will pop up the pops! Voile a healthy snack your kids will love! ( Make sure you wash it first and try completely before use) It is BPA -free!! Thanks Hamilton Beach!!!
I took some pics while they were eating the pops! Dusty!

Colby says "BRAIN FREEZE"

Just look the perfect pop!

Thought I would stick in some more of those cute river pics!! LOL!
Me enjoying the front of the boat soaking up the rays!
Well Just a QUICK post and Dusty says "PEACE OUT"

Cyber Hugs, Dawn Gallop

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