Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another Creative Day at TAG (Tidewater Artist Group)

This is the girl I made, I finished her up last night. The dress paper is Donna Salazar pp, and the flowers are delphiniums. Liquitex paints, watercolors by Koi, and Faber-Castell pens.
Here Cynthia shows us some of her works of art and inspires us with ideas and colors.

Cynthia shows us how to put down the modeling paste and using punchinella, I purchase mine from SKY BLUE PINK

Here is that huge tub of modeling paste! WOW!

We all listen so we can get started.

Let the fun begin (sorry for the blurriness) I was probably laughing!

                                                            Such a great pic as we get started!
Cynthia shows us the drawing process.

                                 Just look at the beautiful girls unfolding on the canvases.

Ellen tells us about the heat gun!! LOL!

                                                              Just look at the beauties!  Many of us at the meeting had never had even drawn faces or even painted them and yet, they all had their own personalities, and such works of art!!
Just gorgeous!! I love them all!

We even had beauties with wings!


Ready for a party!

Beautiful dresses, painted and papered.

Everyone had different hair styles....some of the girls seem to have taken on their own images of the artist themselves.

Just beautiful! Its amazing how talented our group of ladies is!!

Cynthia had inspiration everywhere!! Such a beautiful artful home! Thanks Cynthia!

This is one of Cynthia's beauties!!

Like I said inspiration all around her house!

Such a gorgeous work of art.

And as always we share artful tips among ourselves at each get together and here Julie shared how she took acrylic paints and squeezed them on then moved the shaker box around to create the marble effect. Lovely share Julie, thank you!

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pandamonion said...

Great Pics! Thanks for posting these Dawn. It really was a fun afternoon.

pandamonion said...

Great Pics! Thanks for posting these Dawn. It really was a fun afternoon.

darlene said...


I really enjoyed looking at your pictures. You really captured the wonderful time that we all had at the Workshop.

Unknown said...

So pretty! I really enjoyed your post :)


Anonymous said...

Hello there friend!
I had been thinking about you recently! Yesterday we baptized Cody and had a birthday party for my oldest that turned 8, what a weekend! Anyways so I'm sitting on my Mom butt this morning and all of sudden thought of you again and popped to your blog and am so glad I did! What a fun time that! I always wondered why I don't paint more on my scrap pages since I would say my art started so young with my love of paint! have you been? How are the kids? I hope everyone has been well!

Big, big hugs!!!!! ~Leah

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