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BEADFEST Through My Eye's Greater Philly 2012

WOW!!!! It was just unbelievable.....Beads, tools, metals, stringing, wire....more beads....seed beads, you name it if you can make jewelry with it, it was HERE!!! Just AMAZING!!!!! So much to look at and oh my talk about the SHOPPING.......stand back because here I come! If you stopped at a table, you bought something!! It was ENDLESS!!!! Oh it was like bead heaven! I'm still in awe of it! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
My first class started off with Enameling in Depth with Linda Darty. Which was complexly awesome and for my love of enameling I left the class with so much more info...and understanding of her book, I'm just super charged with enameling info!!!! JUST AWESOMENESS ALL AROUND!!!!! We worked individually and shared the row of kilns and had conversations at the kilns....just two days full of enameling LOVE!
This beautiful bird plate was one of the plates that Linda had made for her mom back in the late 70's...and let me tell you GORGEOUS!!!!! All done with enamels. Stunning!!!!
Here we are with the Paragon Kilns. They so wonderfully allowed our class to use and purchase after class if you liked. I already had one....and the quality of this kiln is PERFECT!!! I enjoy mine. I have the Paragon SC3-BD Kiln.
Some of Linda Darty's works of art...the cloisonne' pieces...just awwww BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

Linda had samples of the types of enameling and explained the pieces....I'm telling you her instruction is PHENOMENAL!!! I would love to have more in depth training....My mind is still spinning of all the ideas....and creativeness that I will use in the years to come. I can't THANK Linda Darty enough!!! Such an AMAZING teacher. We even had two of her past students come and help Sharon....and well I'm terrible with names....Sharon helped us all out in so many wonderful ways...I so appreciate Sharon for taking the time and sharing of talents with us.

Here is some of the students in the class works of art....everyone had a blast and turned out some amazing art!!!

                     Again the works of art of the enameling class....Breathtaking colors!!! AMAZING!!!
Great details and so many fresh ideas = yet so much more to do with enameling!!!  
Just look at these You Say AMAZING again??? These enameling pieces were all stunning!
More pieces of enameling from some of the students. There were over thirty + students in the class.

More pieces of other students.

Of course having Linda's book I asked her to sign at the end of the class.

Here she signs my copy of the book.
If you would like to get the book they sell it alot of places Ornamentea, Amazon, and others.

My second class was a night class on Thursday night with the sweetest teacher....Brenda Schweder.
She has an awesome site and the author of three books, + many articles. Cute as a button....and just the friendliest teacher. She has this wonderful jig...that YES I bought! Go here to see NOW THAT'S A JIG! Its amazing...I had so much fun in her class using it, I made a bird, blow fish, an was just an endless fun time!

                                    These were some of the examples you could make in class.
Using the steel wire if your hands hurt you could use gloves.

I just love this picture of Claire and Brenda with her specs on! They sold them at Beadfest too..

 Here is the pic of the blowfish....
Brenda's book you can buy them at Amazon or you can get the autographed copy from Brenda

Another one of Brenda's books.......AMAZON.
Here Brenda demos her Now That's A Jig
You can shop at Brenda's Etsy Shop!

Some of her articles in many magazines......

Here is Bill Fretz with his brand new grandson and first grandson too, just look at the proud grandfather. Just beautiful!
The lovely  works of art hammers by Bill Fretz.

So much to shop for everywhere you look!

Beautiful beads, and more beautiful beads.
It is just endless on the amount of beads, the styles, the colors, the texture, the gold, the silver, bronze......mixed metals.....oh my toooooooo much to list!!! A must see to experience.

                                      You could just spend hours at one was hard not to!
Oh and for the LOVE of wire!!! AMAZING!!!!
These were my peices I made in my first two classes one being the two-day workshop with Linda Darty, and then the evening class with Brenda Schweder.
My dear friend whom I met at ArtBLISS three years ago. Still time for this years event. Kerry Bogert
she is an amazing jewelry artist and makes the most fabulous beads. She has two books out and of course I have both signed copies! LOL! Her colors are fabulous and fun!
 She had the cutest booth with all her gorgeous beads and oh my so much to drool over! Her washi taped lights.....oh too cute!
Look how adorable the chair she had in the both corners of her booth....AWESOME!!! Love them!
She signed my copy of her book.....YES!

Look at her hand go! Thanks so much Kerry!
Get this book HERE!
Also at AMAZON.

                                          You can get your signed copy from Kerry HERE!
                                                 You can also get it AMAZON.

Her wonderful book can be purchased here at AMAZON.

Well in the world according to Tracy you must be willing to enter and enjoy!!! Embrace and find humor! I LOVED Tracy! She was just so much fun.....a girl after my own heart.... I can't tell you enough of how much I enjoyed this class.I finished my bracelet and I have been wearing getting HUGE compliments! Thanks Tracy!
Here are some of Tracy's works of art....just STUNNING!!!

I had purchased the hammers the night before class...never even using them until Tracy's class...she let us use these amazing hammers and oh my it was like magic was coming from the hammers....magic with little stars and glitter! I was sooooo impressed and was even more happy I had purchased a nice set from Bill Fretz and his Son. Look at my perfect coil!!!! Yeah doing the happy dance here!!

                                             Texture plates we used from Metalliferous
This beautiful necklace made by Tracy!! LOVELY!!!!

 Now look at this...I made this in class!!! LOVE IT!!!! By The Sea! So me!!!!!

Tracy showing us techniques......

Tracy signing my copy of her book!!! Thanks!!!
Two of my favorite dear friend CAROL and My dear Hubby!!! Bruce!
They look sooo cute!

I bought one of my favorite beads from Maureen Henriques.


Just a little closing to remind you to create your dreams every day!!! The PSE brush was purchased from  Hugs.......... and Enjoy your weekend!!
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Carol Dee, CZT said...

I wish I had taken more photos! Yours are wonderful! My memories will have to do but even those are foggy! Hope to have more "gentle" time at artBLISS and we can really connect!

Cindy said...

Dawn, I just loved your Bead Fest recap. Wish I were there in August, but that's always a difficult time for us being the end of summer and we're usually traveling. I did attend in the Spring though.
It was SO good to see you last weekend. Loved seeing Bruce and the boys as well. :-) artBLISS wouldn't be the same without you!

Cindy said...

Dawn, this was such a great recap of Bead Fest. Just like being there - so cool that you connected with so many instructors and got their books signed. I was there in Spring but we were traveling to New England at the end of August.
It was SO good to see you last weekend...and so nice to see Bruce and the boys too. artBLISS wouldn't be the same without you being there!!

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