Monday, January 9, 2012

Celebrating Your Inner Goddess Superpowers Week One of LifeBook

Celebrating my goddess superpowers, a year long journey of Life Book by the very talented and wonderful Tamara Laporte. She has amazing classes, and so very talented. Look I was able to paint this portrait for the first time while watching her video, which I have drawn things but just doing not really knowing what I was me you learn quick when your kids have what seems like a million projects....LOL!!!

The theme is great and as she put it very uplifting.....and therapeutic. I had a ball making it and I was proud of myself!! Thanks to TAM!!! The hearts are Ice Resin Paper from vintage music sheets.
I used several stamps and KaiserKraft rub-ons.

My husband was so proud of me...LOL!

I added brown eyes to match mine. If I could only have her lips.
Well hello again, I have a busy week.....well back after Crystal's party the end of Oct. 2011 we started painting the house....well its three stories and the bottom floor has like 16 ft high ceiling in places...alot of paint! We have just finished the second floor and now are going back and adding carpet...etc...hardwood floors, etc....well we are replacing the tile floors for hardwood and some of the existing hardwood floors with carpet...which before now we have not had carpet in this house. We are excited and trust me it has been a journey and a half. Right now as I type this I have two guys in my kitchen tearing up the whole floor and is it noisy!! When my husband builds something it is solid and that porcelain floor has cement backboard too, wow what a mess, but it will be all worth it in the end. I am pretty much confined to one room in the house because we have the rooms covered with much dust!!!! Can't wait to share the picture with you guys. Have a good day, cyber hugs, Dawn Gallop
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