Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Fun with the Hamilton Beach Fast Pop Maker and Recipe!

Here Dusty is enjoying these pops! The boys loved the yummy Popsicles as they said! Talk about fresh and healthy! This is sooo simple!! Probably the easiest recipe everrrr! LOL!

Look how perfect they came out, It made six pops but I could have got more,but I had ran out of the strawberries. Thanks Hamilton Beach!! We LOVE it!

I used my Vitamix and one pack of strawberries.

Okay IDK what happened to this pic...but its all I had using a slow blend slowly blend up the strawberries, I didn't add anything else. No sugar, no water, nothing just PURE strawberries. Talk about YUM!

The puree should look like this.

I put the Hamilton Beach Fast Pop in my deep freezer which I keep at -3 degrees I froze it over night. Make sure you freeze it level!! Then that afternoon we made pops. See the middle one is the PERFECT fill. Allow to sit for about 9-11 minutes and use the tool (pop removal tool)that comes with the fast pop maker. Stick in through the handle and and turn.....the raised area on the tool will pop up the pops! Voile a healthy snack your kids will love! ( Make sure you wash it first and try completely before use) It is BPA -free!! Thanks Hamilton Beach!!!
I took some pics while they were eating the pops! Dusty!

Colby says "BRAIN FREEZE"

Just look the perfect pop!

Thought I would stick in some more of those cute river pics!! LOL!
Me enjoying the front of the boat soaking up the rays!
Well Just a QUICK post and Dusty says "PEACE OUT"

Cyber Hugs, Dawn Gallop

Monday, July 9, 2012

Butterfinger Pound Cake Recipe Tutorial with Your Children!!

Okay because of Pinterest I found this awesome recipe....of course I modified a bit!! That's just my nature....make it my own based on these talented sisters and their fabulous blog
you can find their recipe there in the link, you may even want to use that one....but I tell you the one we made was just as amazing as theirs, I'm sure!!

I don't eat alot of sweets but if I do CHEAT I'm going cheat big and YUMMY!
This was such an treat for my day, the boys making the cake and me enjoying it!!

The Ingredients are simple!!
1-Yellow Box Cake Pillsbury Moist Supreme
1- Vanilla instant pudding mix any brand
1 cup of half and half cream any brand
1/3 cup of oil (vegetable )
1 tsp. of vanilla flavoring I always use Wilton but any brand is fine
1 Jar of Carmel in the Jar Hershey's is what I used
(it is ice cream topping)
1 can of sweetened condensed milk in the can 14 oz
2 packages of the small butterfingers 8 pack or use the large ones
(put these in freezer)
1 large tub of Cool Whip
(thaw in refrigerator)
1 tsp of almond extract

Have your child pour out the cake mix into the mixer bowl (cut open the package ahead of time) try to prep most of the stuff in advance before you invite them to make the cake this will help you and them. Like opening stuff and having small amounts prepared so they work on a smaller level, to avoid any upsetting moments like pouring too much. Have the measuring cups, spoons, spatulas, etc. ready!

Have them crack the eggs over a bowl is better, but since my boys have been making cracking eggs over and over they are quite experienced, also in case one of the eggs is bad you haven't contaminated the whole mix.

Continue to pour the eggs in...

Having a small amount of half and half in the carton or pour some in another cup to pour into the measuring cup this way they can learn the measurements of the cup, show in advance where to pour.
Then have them pour into the mixing bowl. I took all these pics with my IPhone and my kitchen has a yellow cast on everything, I didn't edit before..sorry. You get the idea tho.

Measure out the oil then pour into the mixing bowl.
Again with the vanilla use a small container and pour from that versus pouring from the whole bottle, this way they can fill the vanilla into the tsp. much easier.
They love the excitement of this! You can see!

Let them set the mixer's settings show them how to use it before hand and then remind them as you walk them through the steps. They will feel so accomplished!
They will watch in amazement over what they are making!
Show them that this cake will go in a 13x9 glass pan telling them to be careful of the glass and oil (Pam spray) will make it slippery....that will turn into fun so be prepared! Have them spray the pan telling them to get the sides etc.

Handing them a rubber spatula to allow them to scrape into the 13x9 pan.

If your child is old enough have them hold the mixing bowl and scrape into the 13x9 pan.
If not then you will need to hold the mixing bowl. Then you can scrape the extra they leaving the bowl if necessary.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 44 minutes.....keep checking by poking a fork in the middle if it comes out clean then it is done. It will rise high and then pull from the sides, once it cools it will be a normal height.

Have them watch the cake every so often to show the changes heat makes in the mixture.
Baking and cooking are one of my kids favorite hobbies...they get it honestly! Its educational and a great experience.

Now mix the Carmel jar and the condensed milk and almond extract together again having your child follow these steps. DO this while the cake is cooking.

Once the cake is out using a fork have your child poke into the cake this is soooo much fun! Once the cake is out I let it sit for about five to ten minutes before doing this. Watch them so no burns occur.

Once all the holes are poked, have them pour the Carmel/condensed milk onto the cake making sure to cover the entire cake.

Now is when we placed into the refrigerator placing the hot pads under the pan....allowing the refrigerator to cool down. Once the cake is cool allow several hours for this. You can even do at night and finish in the morning. The cake does need to be chilled.

Right before you take the cake out of the refrigerator take the packages of Butterfingers out of the package and allow the children to smash in a Ziploc baggie...we used a lemon press to smash, any heavy kitchen object will work...they love this process...explain the changes taken place.

Here is where you take out the cake from the refrigerator and spread the thawed cool whip on the chilled cake then placing the Butterfingers on. Now refrig. again for at least one hour...then serve! The children and the adults will love it!!

You will see the Carmel through out the cake. It is so yummy!

Dusty wearing his Pampered Chef apron! They are so happy when it is finished!

Strike a pose little bakers!!!


Butterfinger Pound Cake
1-Yellow Box Cake Pillsbury Moist Supreme
1- Vanilla instant pudding mix any brand
1 cup of half and half cream any brand
1/3 cup of oil (vegetable )
1 tsp. of vanilla flavoring I always use Wilton but any brand is fine
1 Jar of Carmel in the Jar Hershey's is what I used
(it is ice cream topping)
1 can of sweetened condensed milk in the can 14 oz
2 packages of the small butterfingers 8 pack or use the large ones
(put these in freezer)
1 large tub of Cool Whip
(thaw in refrigerator)
1 tsp of almond extract

Preheat oven to 350 degrees, Place the Butterfinger bars in freezer. Thaw Cool Whip in refrigerator. Mix cake box, pudding, vanilla, eggs, oil and half and half into mixing bowl. Spray a 13x9 cake pan place cake mixture into pan, bake at 350 degrees for approx. 44 minutes keep checking close to time by poking the fork in the middle if it comes out clean, its done. Once out poke with holes using a fork. Then pour the mixed milk and Carmel with the 1 tsp. of almond extract mixture over cake. Chill for several hours in refrigerator. Right before you remove the cake from refrig. chop the frozen Butterfingers using a heavy freezer Ziploc baggie and a heavy kitchen utensil a lemon press, rolling pin, etc. Remove cake from refrig. and scrape the Cool Whip over the chilled cake, then sprinkle the crushed Butterfingers over the Cool Whip. Chill for at least one hour and serve!! Enjoy!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another Quick Post........ Hello Cupcake ATC Card that was just SEW Fun!

ATC "Hello Cupcake" I joined this group or site....called swap-bot.com well I haven't done many swaps in quite awhile but was swap crazy from 2004-2006 and then I did a few on scrapbook.com here and there. I have also done many swaps with charms at art events, and even journal pages, and atc's. I love doing it...its always so scary for me to sign up for stuff.....because of my crazy life!!!! Nine kids, and husband, a garden, Instagram (lol), cooking, cleaning, appts. I always worry...will I get it done??? I always do but who knows what can happen. Anyways I did it again!!! I had a blast doing the cupcake#2 atc swap at swap-bot. It was just sew much fun!!! I threw in a little mixed media background, then some wool felt I hand cut for the design. A few seed beads, and pearl beads. A red button and some copic fun!!! HELLO CUPCAKE!!! Love it!! I mailed it to my recipient on time too!! BONUS!!! LOL!

We spent a few days removing the tree we lost in the storms that have been hitting lately.....like outta no where!!! Crazy! Everyone helped in 100 degree weather! Thanks goodness its all back to normal but we lost the only shade we had to mention.....We were blessed it did not hit the house but did some damage to the pergola outback. That too has been fixed. :o)

 YEP my gallery is now open you can purchase some of my cool prints there.....here is the link
STAMPMOM9 I have some cool edits there for purchase. I will even be glad to edit your pic and post.

Crystal left to go back to her army base and we were all sad! We will miss her. Love you Crystal!!!!

I have been doing more and more of the charms for the class, it is this weekend. The TAG group is such an amazing group of talented ladies who we meet once a month or so to make art! I will be teaching the wire wrapping and the copper word charms

I'm so excited to teach the group, I can't wait! here is sneak peek! I am even making a tutorial for the ladies so they can do at home.

That day we cleaned up the back patio with the tree mess Dusty got in this bucket...oh my what a picture moment. I grabbed my IPhone and click....click....click!!! SO Flippin cute!! I can't believe I love the IPhone I think better than my Nikon...okay am I really saying that???? I just have had so much fun with the IPhone and its always with you! LOL!

This one was also taken the same night of the tree clean up the boys are sitting on the tree stump. Love it!!

These are the cups I did using the SLICE from Making Memories
I used the Under the Sea cart from SB.COM the vinyl is from ETSY the seller is VINYLVILLAGE and the cups from are from DISCOUNTMUGS.COM  they had fast shipping and a super price. The shark and the scuba guy are both from the under the sea cart. These are also perfect for your Cricut and Silhouette Cameo!! I am using these for Dusty's huge party as he says on July 28. He is so EXCITED!!!!! So am I ! More to come on this!! Don't you just love the straws!!!

Yep like many of you it has been 100+ here!!! CRAZY!!! I just everyone fairs through this tough weather. I know my garden hates it!

I added this to my stairway foyer area coming up to the second floor...I just love it! It is poppies from DCWV wall art. I bought one day at Joann's! I think they work amazing!! So beautiful too!

LOL!! This is another one I put up on the way up to the third floor! Its not crocked...just the photographer!!! LOL!!!!
COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES!!! Love this quote!!!! I bought this one at Hobby Lobby.

Crystal enjoying her day out on the boat, while she was here visiting. We were out on the Chowan River.

 Dusty and his funny pictures again out on the Chowan River for the day.

We pulled the boys around all day in the tube on the Chowan River. Oh again how I love SUMMER!!!

We also went to visit Alexis in Rocky Mount for the day, where now they have a new Hobby Lobby!! and a new Joann's!
Cooper, Dusty, Colby and Alexis!! So beautiful!!

Well I am going to say goodbye for now...........I am going to enjoy the rest of the evening on my birthday!!! Yep I am 44! Love this pic of Dusty sleeping with Colby's panda bear.
Cyber Hugs!!!! Enjoy! Be Artful!!
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