Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Vegan Peanut Butter Fudge

VEGAN Peanut Butter fudge........yum!!!
I managed to pull this off with huge success! I took my favorite fudge recipe found HERE
and turned it into vegan peanut butter fudge.
Which I was in the making of collecting supplies for this every since I found that they did make a "marshmallow crème" for vegans ricemellow.
Called Suzanne's Ricemellow crème.
Which can be found at
also at Whole Foods Market and I also found it at Amazon
I was like yay!!!! It is a whole lot cheaper at Whole Foods Market if you are lucky to near one.
We live over an hour away one way just to Whole Foods Market so I do order online if I am not going in the near future.

I still haven't found a Vegan evaporated milk so I found this info from
on a substitute for evaporated milk HERE so I took 2 cups of almond milk from Diamond
I used the Original 30 calorie almond milk because it was what I had at home but any of the Diamond almond milks would work except the chocolate unless that's what you want to use. I just wouldn't for this.
Simmer on low-med heat until it evaporates to 1 cup this took about 30 minutes.
I sprayed my 13x9 baking dish with Coconut Spray oil which I got at Harris Teeter or also they sell at Amazon, and I do think I have seen it Wal-Mart.
When using this follow the directions on the can.
 I used for the butter Earth Balance Organic buttery spread now I bought this at Wal-Mart which I was so surprised to see at out Wal-Mart. There is very little vegan products in our Wal-Mart. So it thrilled me to no end.... #thelittlethings
which Wegmens has if you are lucky enough to live by...which we are not but when we go up to the DC area we purchase lots of Wegmens products. Also Amazon has and so does
Now lets mix the ingredients you gathered
In a large pot mix together the vegan almond milk (see above), 3 cups of sugar, and the butter (see above)
Take your candy thermometer I use a Wilton one continue to stir the ingredients until they reach 234 degrees or a soft ball on the candy thermometer
On my other post I have complete pictures if you need more steps
Now add the peanut butter 1 1/2 cups I use the Earth Balance the crunchy peanut butter kind 
also add the 1 tsp. vanilla I use this one any will work
Add the Suzanne's Ricemellow crème (see above) now 
Stir it all together and spread in the 13x9 baking dish
 VEGAN Peanut Butter Fantasy Fudge
3 cups of sugar
3/4 cup of butter use Earth Balance Buttery spread (see above)
3/4 cup of evaporated Almond Milk (see above)
1 1/2 cup of peanut butter I use chunky but creamy is fine too by Earth Balance
1 cup of Suzanne's RiceMellow Creme
1 tsp. vanilla
Spray a 13x9 pan with Coconut Spray (see above) , Bring sugar, butter, and milk to full rolling boil in large saucepan on medium-high heat, stirring constantly. Boil until candy thermometer reaches 234 degrees . Softball stage. Remove from heat and stir in ricemellow creme and vanilla and peanut butter. Pour into prepared pan. Now this fudge is a little different than the regular fudge, but oh soooo good!!!
I was so happy to finally be able to make my favorite recipe again #vegan
I am so thankful for you!
Enjoy your holiday and stay safe!
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Monday, November 25, 2013

A Safari "It's a GIRL" Baby Shower and Diaper Cake

I realized its almost a year since Skylar was born...come Dec. 13, 2012.....well I never did post the baby shower...oh my goodness a ton more to share....all the creativity I need to share and it seems I am always behind in it.....well that's the life of a mom with nine kids and two grand daughters. This diaper cake was my first and I greatly enjoyed making it... I used a whole box of the 100 + diaper box of size 1. The giraffe and elephant were cut on the Silhouette Cameo I used Bazzill papers which I always use for all my cardstock needs I think its the BEST! The flowers are Petaloo . The shoes and baby monkey I bought at Target. The ribbon was actually some I had from the 80's I took the Crafter's Workshop Zebra stencil and black paint and daubed on the zebra prints to the ribbon. This took the wide vintage ribbon that hadn't been used in a long time and repurposed it ! Bam! The white ribbon is simply satin ribbon from Wal-Mart. Crystal loved it!
The baby shower printables I purchased from Tania on Etsy
The banner I printed and used Bazzill Paper using the 1/2 inch circle punch ran silk pink ribbon thru the banner to hang. The ribbon I bought from Wal-Mart.
The paper lanterns came from Hobby Lobby.
The napkins came from Hobby Lobby too.
This was the whole set up.....the balloons also came from Hobby Lobby.
We have a real helium tank from when we did a lot more parties in the past...that was when helium was much it very expensive. We even have the balloon filler part too, you can go to welding supply stores and get the tank and the balloon filler piece to use for your parties. We bought ours in the early 90's so IDK what they cost now....but I did find it on Amazon and the part to fill the balloons with you can find it at those links.
The plastic ware came from Party City  
We wrapped them with the printables from Tania
the adorable cake plate and cloche came from Hobby Lobby
I got the adorable little plastic bottles from Michael's that I stuffed full with M&M's from MY M&M' go HERE you can pick your colors, the saying and DOB of the baby, etc...even put pictures on AMAZING is that! Crystal really liked them. The printable on the bottle is from Tania
The candy bars are Hershey Bars which are Dusty's favorite the printable again are from Tania
These are great for added gifts or take home gifts.
This sweet little wire cloche came from Hobby Lobby I put a doily on the bottom plate and sat the cookies on it.
These are the cupcakes I made for the shower, I bought the cupcake papers from HSN I used buttercream frosting for the cupcakes sprinkled with cake sparkles from Wilton

The sugar molded rattler came from Wine and Cake Hobbies
The mints came from Party City
Little game gifts all came from Party City

The center piece came from Party City

Adding the rock candy sticks added color and style they came from Party City also
To make things easy on the cooking part too we ordered from Chick-fil-a which was a huge hit

the chicken bites from Chick-fil-a

The plates were very nice and I found these at Party City

Again a close up of the game gifts
We played guess the gifts, word search, and a few games that I found at Party City

The printable came from Tania see above for link,
Crystal lots of gifts

I bought this sign from Party City

Again more printables from Tania

Don't forget the balloons on the road sign

Crystal had a great time

Here are some pic ideas I took all the pics at the Millpond

I love this one
I certainly hope you enjoyed Crystals baby shower, hoping I shared lots of ideas to spark your creativity in planning your next baby shower.
Crystal had Skylar on Dec. 13, 12 I hope to add all her birthday pics too.
Have a GREAT Week!!
Until next time...
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

ArtBLISS Art Retreat September 2013 a Look back at All the FUN!

ARTBLISS Workshops 2013 I love the pic of all us at the retreat. I'm in the back by the window.
This is a wonderful group of ladies and gentlemen. I have the best time with all of them.
If you are ever looking for a really awesome art retreat THIS IS IT!!!

One of the pics I added to my Instagram (see link on side bar)

I took the 3-Day workshop with Richard Salley and Jessica Papke
I had an excellent time!!! I sat beside wonderful people who you feel like you have known a lifetime it is such a blessing to sit beside people who are like-minded and enjoy the same things you do.
Jessica using the flex-shaft
One of the spinner rings I made in the class using copper and brass
Jenny and me
Shopping here at Christine Damms' booth

Cindy has made an amazing blog entry on the whole event look HERE
she and Jeanette co-coordinate the entire event.
Again this year I coordinated the charm swap here we are all together swapping our charms
We had 16 participants where we each made a handmade charm to swap with.
Jeanette provided us with bags in which to fill
our wonderful creations
The bags for the charms

Here we are packing the bags with the charms


Bags almost full of charms
The charms I made for the swap

The pics are not so good because I took them at the hotel at night

The copper charm

I love the birds I used
Here are the spinner rings I made the first day in class
The ring I made on the second day of class

This foot sterling silver ring is my favorite!!!
Here I am in my friend Julies necklace she made me wearing both of my rings
The boys came along this time too. They always enjoy heading into DC for the day.
Dusty holding up the Capital Bldg. in DC
The International Spy Museum which they thought was amazing, so if you ever get a chance to visit do!!! They had a lot of postcards there and since I collect postcards and belong to Postcrossing where I have sent and received a many a postcard. Also on Swap-Bot I postcard swap. I was thrilled with all the postcards Bruce and the boys picked for me. Even though I would have loved to be with them, I do need the art time too.
The boys also enjoy the hot tub even though we have one at home you know the hotel tub is a lot cooler to be in!!!
Cindy Wimmer had her new book at ArtBLISS which I also blogged about HERE more pics etc.
Cindy Wimmer and I at her book signing event at ArtBLISS
Cindy Wimmer signing my copy of her Book The Missing Link
We enjoyed wine, taking pics and shopping...
Shopping of course I bought a lot it was too hard to resist

I bought this adorable head pin (bobby pin from Karyn) you can find her HERE
The adorable bobby pin I purchased at HERE
I have been sporting the bobby pin a lot and have got a lot of compliments on it you can see her stuff HERE
That last night we all went to Cheeburger Cheeburger  and boy did the boys ever enjoy that!!!! They got to color and do games while waiting for their food.

Dusty loves to draw and color while he waits. Plus the drinks came in old style mugs 

Their food came out in Chevy cars which was the greatest!
Cody's burger talk about HUGE

The vegan burger with sweet potato fries...mine of course and it was YUM!
This is their POUNDER Burger look at how big it is note Cody's hands and the burger and if you know Cody he is big himself over 6 ft tall 

If they completed the challenge they got to wear the hat and hold the burger and a pic to go on the wall. Colten completed the challenge too.

Cody after he completed the challenge.
Here they put their pics on the wall

Colten signed his pic and put on the wall of proud one pounder challengers.
Cecilia's beautiful rings

Some of the 3-ring circus students and the teachers.
Now I want to share with you some of the charms that were in the bag
This bag is filled with the charms below

The packaging is so creative and fun to see what's inside too

Jenny's charm clay and copper with a stamping of AB 13
Vicki and her beautiful heart made of copper and a soldered ring.
Vicki hand sawed all these hearts herself.
Here is a beautiful song thrush egg charm by Tesori Trovanti Jewelry
A lovely sooooo beautiful heart charm by dear Melissa Meman
Another clay charm by Anna Hudick
A stunning glass bead in my favorite Sandi Volpe
This precious glass bead charm by SueBeads
A marvelous clay leaf bead with a stunning glaze ....oh so beautiful
by sweet Diana of Suburban Girl Studio
a lovely circle and bead charm by sweet Anne
An adorable heart with glass wire wrapped headpins and hand stamped
by Yee of the Glass Turtle
The duct tape envelope and shrink-it charm by Beth
A lovely leaf charm by Karen Totten

My gift from Jeanette and Cindy, thanks so much the card and gift are awesome!
Again I hope you enjoyed all the fun that was had at ArtBLISS
Until Next time....Smooch!  
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