Monday, July 22, 2013

Spellbinder's Turtle and Ice Resin Copper Mixed Media Necklace using the Roll Mill " You Gotta Keep Swimming" and a few Beach Pics of the Summer

 I started off making a tutorial for what someone had asked me to do.......but it lead into much for the tutorial...well that's next I'm guessing??
This is the Spellbinder's Turtle it is brass, which I hammered and added the copper shell that was sent thru the roll mill. The base is copper 22 gauge and has molten solder that has been stamped into for the texture. The bezel cup has Ice Resin with shards of sea glass. The baby turtle also from Spellbinder's I added a copper shell to his back that was hammered and soldered on.
Another view of the turtle necklace

Different angle of the turtle necklace

                                                         Here you can see the shell better of the turtle

A good view of the Ice resin
Some beads that a dear friend gave me.

Me once I finished the necklace I couldn't wait to show my family so I snapped a pic to start showing them. This was before the liver of sulfur.

  A collage of the turtle necklace
                                           My granddaughter came to stay with us for two weeks!!! It was fun!!
We tried to take her fun places that everyone could enjoy.
 I am trying to sneak a few pics in on my yields from the garden!! All I can say is WOW!! It must be all the rain. I have canned tomatoes, salsa, blueberry jam, pickles....not to mention the freezer items.
                                   My sunflowers have once again amazed me with their beauty!
                                                                 A Hipstamatic pic!
                            The butterflies have been so beautiful and vibrant on the buddleia this year.
  Of course we have spent ALOT of time at the beach, OBX. The boys really enjoy it and glamp all weekend each and every weekend we can at our glamper!
Colby works really hard to master Skim boarding....he does an excellent job!
  Crystal came back home to pick up Skylar after her two weeks of vacation at camp grandma's.
Skylar liked the sand...right in the mouth, lol!
                                                         Love the action shots Dusty gives me.
Leaving the beach, Uncle Cody toted Skylar back to the car.

We go fishing every chance we can......the boys have really enjoyed that each and every year more and more.
I hope you are having a fabulous summer!!!!
Enjoy it while it is here!!
Skylar by the pool!
I try to take the boys to the pool as much as possible each day.
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Micupoftea said...

Hello Dawn- Wow, what a whimsical necklace! Love the texture and the lg and sm turtles. Such a unique piece. Looks like you have abundance everywhere- with special family times, in your garden and in your craft room- haha! Enjoy your summer :)

Theresa Merkling said...

Hard to imagine, but that necklace looks even better in person than in your way cool photographs... You are AMAZING!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! how is that baby THAT big already?! She's too stinkin' cute! Love the necklace! As usual your photos are fab. Hope I get to see you soon! The summer has been hard to get up with the group!

darlene said...

What a beautiful necklace! It really highlights your metalsmithing talents.

Your grandbaby is so cute!!!!!!

Vintage Love & Photographs said...

That necklace is beautiful!

Lesly K. said...

Beautiful necklace! You should make more like it and put it on Etsy! :)

greenafy on SB (Follow me 14)

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