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Halloween Day of the Dead Jewelry Blog Hop ~Boo it's Halloween Matey~ ~dia de los muertos necklace~

Hello and Boooooo a Big Halloween Welcome to the Halloween Day of  the Dead Jewelry Blog Hop organized by Diana of Suburbangirlstudio. The link about the hop can be found HERE. It  really is a pure honor to be in the blog hop with such awesome jewelry artist. I only ventured into the jewelry world in mid 2010, and have met some amazing talented artist along the way. The necklace that I made for the hop is what I am calling ~Boo it's Halloween Matey~. I will share more  on this below.....if at any time you would like a quick direction of what blog is next please follow the links below.

Kathleen Breeding

Jenny Davies-Reazor

Nicole Valentine Rimmer

Dawn M. Gallop (you are here)
Christine Damm

The focal bead I bought at Bead Fest from Maureen of Pumpkin Hill Beads it is a tiny gecko pirate on a pumpkin, with a peg leg. Immediately he was screaming buy me......and I completely obeyed. Just knowing I would come up with something. Of course Halloween came and went and he sat patiently waiting for his chance to shine.....I got up the notion to make a wire wrap necklace (which btw this was my first wire wrapped necklace) I used 16gauge sterling silver wire. I soldered the circles closed and the jump rings.
 The bead is amazing!!
The orange beads came from Sue Beads 
The candy corn beads came from Melanie at Moonraker Lamp Werks
along with the candy corn striped pairs.
The small lime green and yellow spacer beads came from Michelle at The Spacer Bead Shop.
But Wait I'm not finished.............
Since it was a Day of the Dead blog hop too......I made but of course a Day of the Dead necklace with this totally rocking pottery pendant......from
yep you guessed it
Jenny Davies-Reazor
it was love at first sight.......for me anything skull, sugar skull, I'm there!
On Friday night I put this together while watching When Ghost Attack.
I used stone faceted beads that I bought at Bead Fest
I used the tutorial on Ornamentea of the Laced Heart Necklace by Cynthia Deis which I had made before so I knew that was the plan for this necklace. I also used two Elaine Ray beads the cherry jam rounds.
I had made the copper clasp  earlier that day knowing I was going to get the necklace made. I just love all the little dangles of beads Jennifer added to the sugar skull.
and for the last but not least I bought these beads at Sue Beads while at ArtBliss knowing I was going to make earrings to match the ~Boo it's Halloween Matey~ necklace and already knew the style I was going to use for the earrings and of course lime green is my favorite color...
The earring are the stir-up style I learned in class with Stacie Florer last year at ArtBliss which seriously took me a year to acquire all the tools to!!!

again the lime green beads came from Sue Beads
I made them Friday during the day and have been wearing them every since....I just love Stacie's design.
Well that's a wrap are you scared now or ready to make some jewelry???
I know I am ready hop to be inspired by all the amazing artist in the hop!!!

These are mask I will be making a post on November 2 for Day of the Dead.
Happy Halloween
Day of the Dead
thank you so much for stopping by enjoy the hop
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Tanya said...

All of your pieces are lovely. I love the little gecko on the pumpkin -- that necklace will definitely draw attention. I also love the colors on the sugar skull necklace. It will be fun to wear.

Diana P. said...

The perfect pieces for this time of year! Thanks for joining in!

Karen Totten said...

Wow! Such amazing work! I love every piece!

Joan Miller Porcelain said...

Great job on both pieces. I love Maureen's work. I hadn't seen the gecko in a pirate hat before.

Stories They Tell said...

Love those lime earrings and the DOTD necklace with Jenny's skull. And that gecko! All interesting and excellent work. Happy Hallowe'en and have fun with those masks--I love 'em!

diane hawkey said...

Your pumpkin necklace is so sweet!, haha I know thats a pun.

Loris Glassworks said...

Great designs, I love the DOTD necklace the best.
Lori in Atlanta

Jenny said...

Hi Dawn! You rocked it! Glad you could hop with us... I love the beads and linen thread you used with my skull. So glad you "adopted" him! The earrings are fab, I would wear them in a heartbeat! And the gecko is so much fun - I bet the lil boys at home like that one..

Sarajo Wentling said...

Great pieces, Dawn! I love what you did with Jenny's sugar skull...that might be my favorite but they are all super fun. Those earrings are very cool too!

Anonymous said...

I love all your pieces. You did a great job using the art beads. My favorite is the gecko.

Jennifer Cameron said...

Great designs! I love the focals you snagged. I also adore those earrings!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed that this was your first wire linked necklace--it looks great. Love the stirrup earrings too. I'd love to learn how to make those.

LisaS said...

Wow! What cute jewelry pieces.. I love the candy corn beads on that first one. And the sugar skull pendant is wonderful!!!

Having so much fun on this hop! Hope you are too ;)

Kari Asbury said...

Great pieces! I love the pirate frog, so cute! Excellent job with all your first attempts, everything looks great!

Mystic Indigo said...

I am going to have to riff on those coolio green earrings...I don't think I have put the stirrup together with the cold connection loopy thingy before...fantastic!

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