Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Button Book for A Valentine and a Sneak Peak of Week 8 of 48 Weeks with Donna Downey

I had made this Valentine Button Book for a sweet swapper friend on Swap-Bot who is one of my favorite swappers......she spoils me whenever she has me so I always try to spoil her too! Well the theme was whatever the sender wished to make and since it was so close to Valentine's Day I thought it was perfect for her. Plus the images I used from Etsy were so adorable! The buttons I used are Prima Marketing

See the buttons are so adorable from Prima

The other button from Prima

The button book stacked up I really love how it turned out!

This is a close look at the images from Etsy

I was able to incorporate some sprays and inks too.....I used Clearsnap Cats Eyes the VALENTINE Stickers are from Martha Stewart I think????

Some more of the button book images

Hugs and Kisses for the Valentine

I used embroidery thread in the buttons

Another view and the ribbon I used for the button book
The SNEAK PEAK of week 8 with Donna Downey I skipped around a little this week I had a great thought while watching the video of Donna and I had to roll with it.....Mine are so different part of me wants to make what others are making but I kinda take the techniques and roll with them and that's just how I am....I really need to make the same thing but these images just "pop" in my head and I gotta go with gut!
You can see the ones on Donna's blog HERE of some of the classmates
I went yesterday to my appointment and I will be having surgery real soon coming up I will keep y'all posted on this event but I have to get a lot of things done and still do the so called norm...I am scheduled for a month away but it will be here QUICK! Too quick if you ask me but a necessity!
Also today I signed up for the up coming Art & Soul in Virginia Beach for October this year...yep I already picked my classes too....I'm thrilled and can't wait which seems like a really really long time away at this point. My friend Beverly say I should be teaching not taking classes but I still have soooo much I want to learn too! I sooo enjoy pushing out of my comfort zone!
Several weeks ago I signed up for Boots & Bliss with the ArtBLISS gals and let me tell you I am sooo ready and can't wait to join them! I will be taking the classes with Deryn Mentock
There is still spaces so come on join us.....
The boys have Dr.Seuss Day tomorrow at school and Coop and Dusty are dressing up like Harry Potter which we are big fans of...I'm excited!
Well until next time.....enjoy your day!!!

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 3 of 48 Weeks a Class Taught by Donna Downey ~Make Each Day a New Day~

This is my take on Week 3 this was my first week that I was able to start when I signed up, you can read more about it HERE
This again was a lot of fun and this theme was perfect for me, I used broken sea glass in my flowers and wrote the quote I found on the Internet that spoke to me.
I used the Silhouette Cameo to cut the flowers, and the "wheat" that I turned into sea! Of course teals and neon's are my favorite colors ....well at least when I buy stuff I seam to be so attracted to them....on another note here lately I have been gravitating to purples.....which NEVER have been my thing....but it has been more in the clothing aspect of it. I recently had a reading done by a true psychic and when I sat down the first thing she said was "Is this color a new color for you? (I was wearing purple that I just bought for the very first time) and I said YES and she said well it looks very nice and you and truly is your now I'm seeing purple in a whole new world. You can join in 48 Weeks at anytime....and catch up or work anywhere you might want to begin....I'm having a blast and I know you will too!
You can see other classmates work HERE
If you would like to look at my Week 2 Go HERE
or my Week 1 Go HERE

Love the orange flowers

I hope you liked Week 3 I will try to get the next class done as soon as I can to share.
Close up of the flower from 48 weeks class 3.
I have a few more things to show you on my next post until next time go forth and be artful!
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Week 2 of 48 Weeks A Class Taught By Donna Downey ~WHiMSiCAl fLOWeRs~

So I was able to complete week 2 which I feel so accomplished because now I completed three weeks....which is totally awesomeness to the core....anyone who knows how busy crazy my life is and to be able to complete any art work is a HUGE accomplishment.
I have completely have enjoyed myself thoroughly to the max!!
Well this week was whimsical flowers you can see some of the Week 2 magic HERE on Donna's website.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE neon's so when Donna went for the neon's I was like oh yeah I'm there! I can sooo paint with a neon. I used some old Rusty Pickle alpha stickers in the background.
You can also visit my week 1 HERE

The full layout of week 2 of 48 weeks
One of my whimsical flowers for week 2 of 48 weeks

       More neon's

for the love of neon's


I completely love the flowers and the fun I takes four or five times longer than most but I am so thankful to be able to participate and hope you can join us also.
So today my dear sweet friend Beverly came out to visit and we played in our journals and made pizzas, my aunt Jan also came to visit. The boys rode their four wheelers and we were able to be in the warm sunshine to journal. A GOOD DAY!!
I drew this girl above for Beverly to show her how I draw faces.....I used completely Caran d' Arche crayons. The marks under her face are the Montana Markers (which btw I love) that Beverly tried out in her journal...I love how she came out with the marks on her face....

One of the pizzas we about yum!!!! I believe this one was Beverly's.....

Beverly took a few spins on the four wheelers too...she learned the Real Meaning of "EAT MY DUST" gotta love it!
Using one of the newest Prima dolls by Julie Nutting the adorable Mermaid......we both put added touches on this page which turned out so sweet....I love the colors.  Montana markers, Faber-Castell Gelatos, and oil pastels to complete this page.

Here is the two together,,,,,,,,,,,of course a good day!!
I hope your weekend was a good one too....wishing you all a wonderful week!
Go and Be ArtFul!!
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Saturday, February 22, 2014

100 Days of School Equals 100 Day Projects Using the Cricut and Lots of Wonderful Ideas and Even a Crayon Art

The 100 Day project Dusty did (of course with my help and the other boys had some help too) We used a 15x30 canvas by Winsor & Newton that I purchased from Jerry's Artarama then I cut the silhouettes of the children from a Cricut cartridge named A Child's Year I cut them at 5 in Bazzill Black Cardstock  then Dusty and I spread out the Golden Gel Medium regular will work fine we used matte. Then while that was drying Dusty separated the colors into sections by color you can use the wheel at Data   of course thanks to Pinterest for all the crayon art ideas I just ran with 100 day project on this......
Dusty sorting the crayons
we bought the 96 pack from Wal-Mart and a used four new crayons we had at the house.

So as he continued to sort the gel medium dried and we ready to begin
He did such a good job on the sorting, Bravo Dusty!
Silly boy so proud of himself!

We then lined up all the crayons using hot glue gun ours was a low melt temp. Then we took a heat gun and went back and forth until it melted and that was all it easy! Thanks Pinterest!!

When we took the projects to school the next day I took pics of all the projects because there were so many wonderful projects and it looked like all the children really enjoyed their creativity!!! Yay!

So I know you have seen a lot of 100 Day projects to spark your imagination!!!!
Cooper also had to do a project we took some of the shells that the boys pick up on the beach all summer long and Cooper sat and sorted them into groups of 10 of 10 shells each to put inside the frame I bought from Michael's and using an old piece of beachy scrapbook paper glued it into the frame....added the poem I wrote (yes I do have the poetic side at times...some good some not so good, lol!!!!) and wrote out a little poem for his project.....which now that his project has returned home I will hang it our beach home. Thanks for looking at all the wonderful 100 day projects...enjoy this it is soooo much fun!!! Until next time...
Have a great weekend!

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