Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Week 1 of 48 Weeks "Fly" a Class Taught by Donna Downey

 Hello again hey look I published another post all in the same week, with that being said I'm right proud of myself!!! When I can actually sit long enough to type on the computer.....with all the boys lefty at home I stay more busier than when I had all nine home. It has something to do all boys and the lack of the help from the older ones.....I'm guessing, lol!!! I do miss having the girls here for some help, and washing a few loads of clothes.....well anyway on to business.....I had signed up for Donna Downey 48 weeks class online after about the fourth week of emails of inspiration.......I was like I don't have time to take an online class most that I do sign up for I never get to do or I watch a few videos.....its not that I loose interest its called TIME! Well in the last two weeks I haven't even got to watch a video or even touch the journal designated just for 48 weeks~! I completed week 3 when I signed up because I actually had all the necessities to complete the class without going to the store or ordering something......and when you live in the middle of no where you have to wait until you go to "town" to get things. So I started off with week three and because of course I was way behind the others.....but not really it turns out everyone is at different places and some are even way ahead! Bravo!! The inspiration has been over the top and of course the fun and excitement of the sharing of others. In 2009 I met Donna Downey for the first time at an Inspired Event thanks to one of my friends Cathleen Smith who shared her events with me.....when I met Cathleen at the Rusty Pickle Design Team event in Utah. When Cathleen asked me to come I was like who is Donna Downey......I know lol!! Well that was all she wrote I signed up for the event and have been fortunate enough to attend several events since and it is ALWAYS pure pleasure and a renewing experience with Donna. I could tell you endless things she has done for me! Well needless to say I'm hooked! So this class was a must it is just getting it by my husband who doesn't let me spend money unless he knows every cent! So this was a big deal!!  I never even told him because he will get mad a me....sounds crazy I know but I am sure glad I took the risk!!! LOL! You can view Donna's and some of the other students work on Donna's Blog for week 1 GO HERE
I really enjoyed week 1

The face was a new for me on the "tiny" version!!
The bird was a perfect touch I thought

more pics

I hope you too can join our group at 48 weeks
Thanks for looking and have a great rest of the week...I will try to post week 3 as soon as I can...I was hoping to work on week 7 but looks like I will be working week 2 next....


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Unknown said...

Dawn it is a gorgeous page and so glad you shared it! I only recently discovered Donna Downey. :-)

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