Monday, March 30, 2015

A Day at the Smithfield Farmers Market in Smithfield Virginia

Hello all this Saturday was the kick off to a new season at the Smithfield Farmers Market in Smithfield Virginia. We were so excited that we were excepted into the market this year. We had our wonderful soaps Leaf Love Soaps. Baked goods, and of course Farm Fresh eggs from our farm It's All About #9 Farms. We had 24 dozen eggs to market this week. 

I had homemade maple glazed cinnamon buns which are amazing. I use organic flour, real butter, homemade organic Tahitian vanilla beans vanilla extract. All the best ingredients. They were quite a big hit.

Look at how beautiful they turned out before frosted. Colten had wished that I didn't sell anything so I could bring home what didn't sell. I told him I would be giving them away and that he really didn't need all those yummies. He has quite the sweet tooth.

A close up of the maple goodness.

I love hearing all the outstanding stories that the shoppers share with you, one that made me happy was telling me about how her mother used to make these same cinnamon rolls when she was a child. Memories really are the BEST!! Thank you everyone for the wonderful stories and keep them coming.

I also had homemade these amazing hot cross buns which I used cardamom. Lucky I had my sweet daughter in law Kim who picked up the spice for me which she was amazed at how expensive the spice was. I had it but apparently I used it up and didn't replace it. Thank you Kim!!

Everything was packaged and ready for market by Friday afternoon. Fresh for the market.

The eggs were ready and packed for the market early Saturday morning. We left the house at 6:30 am.

I had homemade pecan pies with homemade crust. Which they all sold out immediately.

I also had my blueberry cobbler, which if you would also like to make I have shared the recipe before. Go HERE. Which these also went fast. You never know what someone will want. I just made the goodies that are my specialties. This year I am hoping for a big blueberry crop. I will need these for the markets. 

Sinful Treats was beside us. Mmmmm those cupcakes are so beautiful and smell amazing!! Her whole design is beautiful. The coconut lime was calling my name!!! 

Shoppers arrived early despite the freezing temperatures. I am so ready for spring to begin! See everyone has on coats. I was frozen I had on four layers too. A scarf and a hat.

The clouds moved in my mid morning making it seem even colder. Sunshine is always warmer even if the temps are lower. The shoppers still came! Yay! I certainly enjoyed talking with everyone. On our way home it did snow a few flurries.....but that will tell you how cold it was.

There were many many furry friends too.

Wanted to share that my May peas are up despite those extremely low temps of as low as 3 degrees. I have four long rows the wire is there to keep my chickens from scratching at them.

I made this collage frame for the table so that everyone can see how amazing my chickens are!!! 

Of course we had lots of soap too! Check out my other blog too
Until next time..... Meet me at the Farmers Market.
There will be 67 vendors this Saturday from 9am-1pm. This week is another Craft market too so a lot of the vendors have crafty goodness!!! 
Hope to see you there! 
Have a great week!!!!! 
Stay artful and buy local!
Cyber Hugs,
Dawn Gallop 

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