Saturday, March 21, 2015

A little Hello from the womb and a Few Notes

Wanted to share some good news on St. Patrick's Day I went with my oldest son Jr. and his wife Kim to the ultrasound to see our new grandbaby. Well it's a GIRL!! They are going to name her Dakota Rose. Of course in the pic I see these beautiful "cheeks" which reminded me of Colten when he was little. Everywhere we went everyone would always say "oh my those cheeks!" I will need to get an old pic out to show you what I mean. You know one of those pics on photo paper. Since now all our pics are digital. We did have our first digital camera then. Colten was born in 2001 and  Bruce had bought our first digital camera and me and the girls would take pics and delete them and were so thrilled we could just chuck the pics. Hahahaha I remember the cards didn't even hold but a few pics. 

The ultrasound was exciting. The baby looks so sweet and we all are so excited to see her and hold her. 

Kim stopped at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts when we left. Of course I don't eat them but oh my amazing the smell and they were so beautifully decorated. I kept bragging on them and Jr. said "have one already" I couldn't of course. How cute is this pic of Samantha? The cutest!! It brought such good memories when we would take all the kids to Krispy Kreme and they would all leave with a hat. Oh my good times!!

Jr., Kim and Samantha waiting for Kim's turn at the ultrasound.

Jr. is such a good daddy.

This sweet vinyl quote was on the wall at the ultrasound clinic. 

We went to the thrift store afterwards in Hampton where all the bins are full of stuff and then you pay by the pound as to what you get. I found five shirts, two pairs of corduroy pants from American Eagle, the shirts of course were bohemian. Two skirts also American Eagle.  A little bag with Frankenweenie on it by Tim Burton. A picture stand and two brand new packs of Scooby Do stickers.... All for $7 bucks! Now that was a thrift store haul. We then went next store to the regular thrift where everything is priced. I found a sweet deal.......

I sent this pic to Bruce I was so excited!! On my lap in the car. 

These awesome awesome containers full of dmc floss! Talk about score! Both boxes full already on the bobbin for $6.25. Yes I was doing the happy dance!!!

I had made the granddadughters these sweet little St. Patrick's Day outfits. I used my iron on T-shirt press for the tops and the Silhouette Cameo for the pant legs. I cut the shamrocks out of vinyl I purchased from #Vinylvillage on Etsy. Which I love buying all my vinyl from them! Mario is the best! 

Skylars outfit!

Samantha's outfit. The cutest leprechauns ever!

Skylar and her Minnie socks!! 

Close up of the cute outfits.

I love how well they turned out. The Silhouette is awesome!!!!

I also made one for Dusty who was like ok I will wear it!

I thought it was so cute. I just bought printables off of Etsy. Love love love Etsy!!! 

Samantha and me say good Bye waving here until next time.....
Be artful! Cyber hugs, 
Dawn Gallop 

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