Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Jewelry, Jewelry, Jewelry and more Jewelry to Share

Hello well its Tuesday and I am rolling thru some to do lists. One was get some of the spices I needed for my camper. Wash rugs, and finish painting some of the bags that I sell with the soap. This beautiful necklace I made awhile back but if you are like me and several projects well more like 10 or sooo if not more going on at once then you know what I mean. I made the bezel then it all started to come together. I get several pieces ready for the resin so when I do pour the rain I have plenty of projects to our the resin into. I love this one! I just love birds so yeah that's probably why I love it! A nest is a beautiful thing too! 

I think it turned out nicely. It is for sale too.

I made these earrings but they sold right away. I love how these turned out too. They are Sterling silver and copper. 

Now let me tell you this one is my favorite!! Of course you know how much I love the beach, well this says it all. The driftwood I found on the beach one morning early. I metal stamped the copper and used resin in the bezels. This is for sale at the Jester's Gallery in Suffolk Virginia.

Here is the necklace at Jester's along with some of the earrings.

The other necklace with the bullet casing.

Here is the bullet casing necklace.

I put it on to show Bruce a pic I sent him. 

Here are some more earrings and a ring too. The copper bracelets.

These are ones I made for myself.

Some more earrings.

Here is another bezel with the resin on an ATC. The card holds a charm.

I'm going to share these later but here is a sample to share.

Here is my jewelry at the Beach Bum note two shelves.

The jewelry looked like so nice.

I'm so happy to be selling my jewelry, usually what I get made sells and then I don't have enough to sell somewhere else. Now I do commit more time for making my jewelry.

Yep Crepes for dinner! Talk about yummy!

Isn't this the cutest!!! Love!!

Empty yourself and let the universe fill you! This was on my tea bag today. The yogi brand. The quote is so beautiful!

Remember to keep swimming believe in yourself and enjoy your journey!

Another watercolor while at the beach fishing. 

Have a great week!!!
Cyber Hugs, 
Dawn Gallop

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