Friday, April 10, 2015

Happy Friday Painting on the Deck

Hello and Happy Happy Friday. It is a beautiful day!!! The temp is like 70 degrees with a little wind blowing I am out on my deck painting for the day. Spring break is almost over and I brought the boys to the camper today to enjoy being outside and just not doing any chores! Which at our house there is always chores no matter what time of day or kind of day! You just can't relax at all..... Which I'm not complaining but litterly I never sit down!!!!! Here I can at least relax for a bit! The boys relaxing too, however they do a lot of that too! Lol! They have science projects due on Tuesday so I told them we better get a few hours of relaxing before all the school projects were due. 

Yep you guessed it more sugar skulls to paint on the bags. This is my view as I type on my phone this Post. 

I brought several of the bags to get finished or at least be a #wip the birds are chirping. I can see the sound and the sweet smell of the ocean all right here! Love! 

The garden is looking good despite this crazy weather. My tomato plants get so big every year and are plentiful. I have been having to cover them up every night. I will be glad when it stops dropping below 50. 

 I poured more lavender soap this week. 

This is actually three years ago today that Coop broke his arm. Not a day to remember!!! I was actually painting gourds that day, I have not brought myself to paint them again since then but still grow them every year. 

Daisy is doing awesome!!!! 

The girls couldn't be happier! I am now getting 60 eggs a day! Oh my that's 420 eggs a week! I will not be at the market tomorrow as I took it off to enjoy the spring break with the boys. 

My third daughter Amanda is getting married May 1 in St. Augustine Florida and she just got her shoes on Thursday! She is so excited!! We are all excited for her! 

I had forgot to post this but now they are actually about five inches higher I have May peas growing. Lots of them!! Every year I plant at Valentine's Day like on the dot, well this year I did and we had all that snow and ice and the peas actually froze from the nine degree and three degree temps. Which it has snowed on the peas in the past and they were fine but those frozen temps no not all! I did replant and they are all doing well! I have the metal wires to keep the chickens from scratching them. I will post a new update soon. 
Another skull. 
The finished painting of today. It says rise above! Always rise above and continue to be artful and remember what makes you happy and you will know it is all worth it! 
Happy Friday and Happy Weekend! 

Cyber Hugs, 
Dawn Gallop 

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