Thursday, July 30, 2015

My adventures at Chickens In The Road in West Virginia

Here are the two books I took to get signed by Suzanne McMinn one of the books is my copy and one is my friend Megan's. It was my birthday and this is what I wanted to do was visit one of my favorite authors and her farm. So the adventure began on my birthday where we loaded up the big black van and headed to the hills of West Virginia. Roane County to be exact! Oh was I excited, everyone else not so much but hey they roll with it! That's how my family is they just roll with the flow. We even had Skylar with us ( my 2 year old granddaughter). Suzanne has a wonderful website called you can get a copy of the book here
Here I am on my 47 th birthday loaded up ready to go to West Virginia. As my husband said "Chickens in the Road here we come". It was a long ride it took us over 9 hours we had some van issues, but Bruce was able to get it fixed. We did have a few repairs made while we were there in a garage that was able to make our needed repairs. 

Skylar was excited about the journey too. She had her toys and cups for her "grandma I'm thirsty" moments. We rode and rode. We had lunch along the way with sandwiches I packed. 

Driving thru the mountains in West Virgina.

Charleston West Virginia. I sent this to dear friend Dee Dee who I have been friends with since my early twenties. She came back in the text message and said "you made it" yep! We still had a little ways to go to the hotel. It rained a lot the entire time we were there.

We made it to our hotel La Quinta Inn.

I got them their baths immediately and they were fast asleep in the very nice hotel beds. The hotel was very clean, super nice people and all and all a great experience at The La Quinta Inn.

The next morning my crew dropped me off at Sassafras Farm, this is the road that we walked on to see Suzanne's cows.

Here we are Sassafras Farm.
The whole place is just beautiful farm country. Skylar was amazed at the cows.

The Bull. Need I say more.

Skylar saying "you coming grandma" as they walk me to the door up the winding driveway.
The lovely house of Sassafras Farm

The Studio of Sassafras Farm. Inside the classroom. Well it's official I'm here! Ready to learn cheese making. Meet new people and have a good time!

Everything is painted so cute and painted so well by Kelly Walker her site

More cute paintings.

Another painting on the wall.

On our way to the barn to milk the cow, as I am very forgetful to remember names so forgive me. I remember the cow in the book Beulah Petunia or aka BP.

  Our explanation by Suzanne on using the milking equipment. Okay he we go now ready to milk.......

As you can see the milking has began..... 

As you can see we are all looking on with serious looks in our faces.

Here I go milking...squeeze squeeze squeeze.

A little close up again squeeze....squeeze....squeeze

Oh yes and after this trip NOTHING taste better than fresh milk.  I enjoyed every tasty dairy product I consumed at Sassafras Farm.

Look now that is fresh milk.... Yum!

Straining of the fresh milk.

The first day we made the most amazing mozerella I mean I have made mozerella and it is yummy but when you can make it with fresh milk I tell you a life changing experience. Of course I have been after Bruce to get a me a dairy cow for almost a year now way before my Sassafras experience. As most of ideas I put the cart before the horse and he wants to make sure we have the pasture area ready and then he will consider it. Me of course I'm ready now!! He looks all the time but not yet has he wanted to look at the ones we have seen.

See what I mean perfect mozzarella.


Sassafras Farm in West Virginia.

We made asiago cheese.

Waxing of cheese.

Yummy homemade ice cream with butter pecans all made from fresh cream. Oh my!!!

Suzanne signed mine and Megan's copy of the book.!

Suzanne and me.

The protector.


I hope you enjoyed a tiny view into my trip to West Virginia for my birthday to Sassafras Farm. It was truly a great way to spend my 47th birthday. The kids enjoyed it and I learned a lot! I hope to go back again as it was very enjoyable, educational and just great meeting new friends. I am always on the look out for new cheese books and ideas for when I do get my dairy cow. Please if you can please read Suzanne's book it is a wonderful memoir and a look into Suzanne's farm. There are excellent recipes, and craft ideas at the end of the book which is great when you are a maker. Great ideas to try and make. Have fun!!!

See ya next time!

Cyber Hugs,
Dawn Gallop


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lynnelise said...

That looks like SO much fun! And I really, really want to eat all the cheese and ice cream you made......get your dairy cow soon!

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