Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Painting Bags for my Soaps as Gift Bags

These little bags I handpaint and then I put a bar of soap, a handmade crocheted 100% cotton washcloth, and a handmade cedar soap block to allow drainage of the soaps. These make great gift bags for any gift giving need. 

I have painted the bags with lessons I have learned from the masters. Classes I have taken over the years. Mindy Lacefield, Donna Downey, Juliette Crane, and well too many to list I think. These are a few of my favs!! Oh my goodness and Danger Jane...like I said too many too list!

This is the home sweet home bag.

The dolphin bag is a favorite always. Each bag is always different but I try to keep the designs similar. The colors are always different I use the best paints too. Well that is what I have.

There are several bunnies all sizes and shapes. I love bunnies.

Owls are ever so popular.

This is one of my favorite. Be yourself.

This is what they look like when they go to the retail stores forsale. This one is also a Thermofax of  one of my own drawings. I actually bought my Thermofax Here

This one is actually at the Museum of the Albemarle gift shop.

This one was at the Chowan Art Council but it sold right away.

This one I made using my Thermofax machine

All of them are different. I try to coordinate the crocheted washcloths.

 This one is different too, using the Thermofax again.

This was my first one I painted and it was the first to sell too.

Of course anything camera related is my favorite. Yes #pictureperfect

Oh snap! Another camera bag. Love!

Another Thermofax one of one of my own drawings.

I have made a lot of these and many more to go. 

Hello says Daisy she always follows behind me when going outside. I have been getting around 50-55 eggs per day.

I love this, when I lifted up the door to one of the nesting boxes this is what I found. They all like to lay in one area "a community box" even though I have many many nesting boxes they will still lay in one box and a lot of the times it is a   corner box.


I hope you have a great week!
Cyber Hugs,
Dawn Gallop

Monday, April 6, 2015

Another Great Saturday at the Smithfield Farmers Market

This will be a short post as I didn't make it myself to the market, Coop was feeling ill from all the pollens and his allergies had him a needy mood. So I stayed home with him. I missed it but I knew Colten and Bruce could handle just as well.  I did request pictures got a few that Colten took so enjoy what I did receive. He did a fine job and I was thankful for what pictures he sent. 

This is lip balms, salves, lotions by Maddie's Magic Made With Love

Baked goods

Beautiful handcrafted wooden bowls. Love the mortar and pestle. Love! The rolling pins when I go next time I want to purchase one!

Wonderful walking sticks.

More baked goods by Southside VA Catering. I bought a gorgeous cilantro herb in a vintage coffee pot the first opening market. Love! I was so cold I didn't get to shop but when I was walking to the restroom I spotted it and ran back for my money. Of course Bruce was laughing! I'm a sucker for a tea pot, coffee pot, watering can and of course animals and art supplies. I can't resist! I'm sorry!

Of course it has grown a lot since I got it. I have it in my bathroom sitting on the jacuzzi tub. Love!

Jewelry at the market, next time I will know who's and where. Since Colten got the pictures all he can do is tell me oh that was a lady with a red shirt, etc. So sorry I can't tell you who this was or the other pics, but you get the idea and will come visit at the market!!

This is Happy Seeds which I love!

These were some of my cuffs out, I sold three last time. Yay!! I am working on getting back in the jewelry studio to work again. I sell the jewelry faster than I can make it! I would like to be able to actually get a collection going but it seems its slow because I sell it if I show it. I have more cuffs in the making soooo.

Bruce also came home with duck eggs from another lady. Five dozen. These are great for baking. Like I needed more eggs but yes I do! The ones I sell go quick and I bake so much not to mention the freezer meals which I make breakfast burritos. Mmmmm that would be a good recipe to share, note to self!

I had homemade banana bread with all my pecans and homemade vanilla extract. Which I am hoping soon to bring to market I am still working on the label.

The banana bread went quick!

They had called for rain all week and I didn't bake as much because I was afraid I would be coming home with lots extra, which is okay my family and friends don't mind! We had lots of soap which I am waiting on the lye to cool as I am typing this all on my phone with the Blogger App. Love! 

Tomato basil soap this is one of my favorites that I love having in my kitchens, yes I said kitchens. There is the family kitchen, the craft kitchen, and the outdoor kitchen with pizza oven. I know! I just finished pouring the tomato basil soap. It lathers well and gets rid of odors not to mention full of antioxidants! The tomatoes came from garden and so did the basil. I freeze the tomatoes in ice trays to add to the lye. I have six refrigerators and four deep freezers. Loaded! The basil I dry on my commercial dehydrator. I have infused the olive oil with the basil for more than six weeks. Which anyone who has been here knows how much basil I have. No shortage of basil! Love this soap! 

Miss Daisy eating a bottle. Love! Miss Daisy May!

Here is Samantha and my boots with Daisy! 

Although you can't se but Samantha is on the other side. Bruce took this pic of me litterly driving Miss Daisy, gotta love it!! See Daisy on my lap?

Bye until next time! This is the new nesting boxes Bruce built it took several weeks only on Sunday afternoons to complete but I would say happy chickens! Daisy likes it too when we go out to play with the chickens.

Cyber hugs, 
Dawn Gallop 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

Happy Easter!! Dusty has had so much fun with these Dollar Tree bunny ears. It has been a good Easter. I like all the fun we have prior to the big day. 

Skylar went to the park for an Easter Egg hunt.  Here she is wearing that sweet shirt I made her with my Silhouette Cameo with Vinyl I bought from Vinylvillage.

Daisy with her bunny ears. Dusty had just figured out that Kim had out the ears on Daisy. This pic was a hit on Tumblr, it was reblogged quite a few times. I had a great time taking pics with Kim at her house which she lives right around the corner of our dirt road. It was relaxing!

Just one of Dusty I thought it was so cute.

Another cutie of Samantha and Dusty.

This was the outfits I made both Skylar and Samantha for their Easter gifts. It is made using the Silhouette Cameo and vinyl I bought from Vinylvillage. I think it turned out cute and I had fun making it.

This will just make you smile! Hahahaha

More hot cross buns! Yummy!! These are now Colten's favorite food I think!!

A large ham for the family. Along with mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and homemade rolls.

I also made a pineapple upside down cake because that is Bruce's favorite. I used my Lodge 12" cast iron skillet and it comes out perfect every time. He loves it!

I used duck eggs in the baking today.

Again as every year I make these peanut butter eggs, and the coconut cream eggs. These are favored by family and they expect it, not to mention I sell them and had quite a few orders. They turned out so pretty.

Yummy peanut butter eggs. I also make the crunchy eggs too.

My tulips are blooming too!!

Easter egg hunt. Dusty looking to get the eggs!

Run Dusty run!!

Dusty found the egg with money. 

The golden egg!

The chicken coop has the new nestting box in place that Bruce has worked on for several Sunday's. The chickens loved it!!!

They were checking it out!

Happy Easter! Dusty in one of the nesting box.  Until next time.... Stay artful and create everyday.
Cyber hugs, Dawn Gallop 

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